• Super Mayor: "A special shoutout for holding down 10 mayorships at once!"
  • Local: "You've been at the same place 3x in one week!"
    I particularly like the design and the flag in this one.
  • Crunked: "That's 4+ stops in one night for you!"

    I love the colors that Mari put on this one. The threads are shiny, so the colors are a little brighter or darker depending on which way the light is facing.
  • Superstar: "You've checked into 50 different venues!"

Foursquare Nerd Merit Badges!!!

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I *love* how these badges turned out. This is how they come from the embroiderer, stuck back-to-back like oreos.

I especially like the color combinations that Foursquare's designer Mari Sheibley put together. Trying to match those intense tones in thread was a challenge, but after lots of squinting at a thread card, I think we got it.

These are prototypes; I haven't yet talked to Dennis Crowley or the Foursquare folks about if, when, or how, these would actually be made available. I'll update this page here when I know. If you'd like to see other badges made (douchebag?) you can comment here.

You can see our other nerd merit badges over at www.nerdmeritbadges.com.

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  1. dpstyles™ 51 months ago

    wowowowow! These are amazing... you gonna bring some down to SXSW? :)

  2. MariSheibley 51 months ago

    These are amazing!! want!

  3. r0ckstarpyr0 51 months ago

    OOOOOOOOOO These look like fun :) It's like girl/boyscout badges but for adults :P

  4. danmurph4 51 months ago

    wow, that's awesome

  5. the real janelle 51 months ago

    i was thinking about this over the weekend, it would be great to have a sash to sew these onto!

  6. nathaliajordao 51 months ago

    Yes, I want to see other badges!

  7. Sam Higgins 512 51 months ago

    Gym rat would be a great nerd badge for a gym bag. Like secret code for geeks among meatheads at the gym.

  8. ankhwatcher 51 months ago

    Now we need Foursquare sashes to stitch them to.

    On further thought I have a jacket with a bunch of fake-wear holes I'd like to patch over.

  9. emwilbz 51 months ago

    And where/how soon can I order some of these from you? Online? Wicked cool!!

  10. rarestock 51 months ago

    Oh, don't hold back make them all. I want all of the badges that I've earned. Even doucebag (it's hilarious). When can I place my order?

  11. lemoentje 51 months ago

    Bring in the douchebag!

  12. big_benford 51 months ago

    Oh yeah - I want my merit badges!!

  13. mcglinch 51 months ago

    congrats! those look dazzling on that shiny silver tray!

  14. tikaro 51 months ago

    I know, that tray really makes them! Thanks, mcglinch!!

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