VirtuaLUG Layout

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Corner section for the VirtuaLUG collaborative at Bricks By The Bay 2012. See a picture of the entire layout here.~H

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  1. Brucewaynelego-Toyshansolo 37 months ago | reply

    This Rocks !!!! i like that u used these new "Brick" stones...looks very realistic !!!!

  2. 'Ecclesiastes 37 months ago | reply

    hmmm. I wasn't sure about those new brick parts but it looks incredible here!

  3. Athanor-Paris 37 months ago | reply

    Nicely done but perhaps with one more on the top it's could be better ?

  4. Puriri deVry 37 months ago | reply

    I know this isn't technically Cafe Corner style but it certainly deserves to be in with them. I would even consider using your sidewalk and road designs as a new standard.

  5. Tigmon74 37 months ago | reply

    Thanks! It is mostly done in the CC standard (it's two 32x32 buildings connected with pins); the only difference is the extra brick in height to accommodate the SNOT, brick-built street that we had (not pictured). What you see on the end (dark-bley tile) is the alley. The buildings are modular and have an 8-wide sidewalk, front and back, just like CC.~H

  6. Sirens-Of-Titan 37 months ago | reply

    A real beauty! The bricks and color scheme as well as your sense of scale make it perfect. :)

  7. L@go 37 months ago | reply

    That's one of the best modular buildings I've seen in a long time. Very well done - the colours and those 'brick' bricks... instant favourite!

  8. Xenomurphy 37 months ago | reply

    What I like most ... well, it's not easy, since I like so many aspects here ... but what I probably like most is how you used the new bricky bricks. I've seen other creations and their builders created complete walls with them. You instead used them to give the building the exact right touch.

  9. El Barto! 37 months ago | reply

    That Xeno guy sure know what he's talking about! Very realistic and subtle usage. I'd like a closer look at those sunbathers....Excellent work for the display, Dude! Congrats!

  10. Umm, Who? 37 months ago | reply

    wow, this is really well done, awesome build as usual!

  11. Snowhive 37 months ago | reply

    Awesome building

  12. a-corb 37 months ago | reply

    Nice work.

  13. TheLostLostBoy 37 months ago | reply

    Beautiful work! I especially like what's going on in the back and on the side. Is there anything inside?

  14. Tigmon74 37 months ago | reply

    Yes, but only the first floor of the corner building is 'complete', with a full sports bar, including a big screen TV. All of the other floors in both buildings are vacant but completely tiled.~H

  15. Kris_Kelvin 36 months ago | reply

    Fantastic work. Especially the colours :)

  16. DarkkosiS 36 months ago | reply

    Simply amazing. :-)

  17. bruceywan 36 months ago | reply

    Can't believe I missed this at the con... the corner building looks especially awesome.

  18. sk8ninja 34 months ago | reply

    so great ! man nice work!

  19. Leda Kat 33 months ago | reply

    Go virtuaLUG! Yeah!

  20. bloodfoxtrue 24 months ago | reply

    great foundation

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