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Second and Columbia, c. July 1914

The clock in the foreground disappeared sometime after 1924. There was another clock just like it that arrived in 1908, the same year as this. In parentheses I've left my mistaken history of the clock:


(In the foreground is my favorite clock in Seattle. Well okay, it hasn't been in Seattle for almost 50 years - it resides in California. But I love old photos of it. I love this clock because it's silly and looks like a pocketwatch. The other clocks can be a bit full of themselves, but this one is very friendly.)


(During its time here, it moved around quite a bit. Apparently, street clocks do that. Check out the comments for another photo of it, near the Pike Place Market.)


Some day soon I'll publish my database of every street clock that's ever been in Seattle, and where they've been at. This photo supplied 3 of the 500 entries in the database. In the far distance is the Stacy Shown street clock, before he moved it in front of the Smith Tower next door and added on some fancy lights. Check out comments for that clock today. Back behind the pocketwatch clock is another which I'm still developing a lineage for.


(Five years later, I've finally published the database,


BTW, this was an undated postcard. But the street construction on 2nd pins this to 1914. And the decorations on the lamp posts were for the Golden Potlatch, which ran in July. By August the decorations were down already.

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Taken on July 15, 1914