• This bridge is just awesome! - Ru Corder
  • Amazing woodwork! How did you achieve this effect? - Sirens-Of-Titan
  • Tiles will fit under the arch if you use a rounded technic plate as a backing.
  • Thank you! :) - Sirens-Of-Titan
  • My one nitpick: these walls seem like they should be brown/wood instead of the grey/stone; the balance of the two seems off compared to other areas, with the brown not coming far enough down. - Morgan190
  • love all these windows - the shape, the details, the final effect. - deborah higdon
  • I think that would be too much brown. The balance seems perfect as is. Just IMO - Shadow Viking
  • Though this part could maybe be white or brown. - Shadow Viking
  • This is just one of those details that make an exquisite MOC like this pop. - L@go

T'Met Monastery

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Ever since I first saw Steven Marshall's folly I've wanted to use his brick technique on a larger scale.

The building is based on artwork for the P'Jem Monastery from the TV show 'Enterprise'.

The walls are largely made up of these pieces. Mostly because it was cheaper at first, but I found the extra connection points offered more stability. In the corners and edges is a mixture of these, these and these as well as longer beams in places.

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  1. gearcs 30 months ago | reply

    All thumbs up. Incredible build!

  2. !snap! 30 months ago | reply

    Very very nice! Love the stone work and arch

  3. danielgran.org 30 months ago | reply

    wow, that is so beautiful! I especially love the bridge like so many before me!

  4. Walter Benson 30 months ago | reply

    Nice to see a new creation from you! This is really amazing.

  5. th_squirrel 30 months ago | reply

    Holy cow.

    This is fantastic.

  6. Myko- 30 months ago | reply

    Breathtaking, I did a double take when I first saw this. And it's from one of the few episodes of Enterprise I like too!

  7. ιce веяg 30 months ago | reply

    Sweet mother of all that's holy I cannot describe how much time this might have taken!

  8. full of bricks 30 months ago | reply

    curse you flickr, why doesn't it have a x100 fav button!?? no really, this is epic! the whole thing is perfect and those walls...

  9. Special Ninja 29 months ago | reply

    Christ almighty, this is awesome.

  10. Medieval Guy 29 months ago | reply

    I did a double take when I saw this. This is stunning!

  11. curtydc 29 months ago | reply

    There is absolutely nothing about this that isn't cool

  12. bikicsmilan 28 months ago | reply

    An epically epic build this!

  13. patrick_bosman 28 months ago | reply

    Impressive building techniques!

  14. Mudskipper4 28 months ago | reply

    You sir, are certainly amongst the best Lego builders. Period.

  15. Kris_Kelvin 28 months ago | reply

    Sorry I`ve missed that.
    It`s of course work of art :)

  16. Lego Guy1 27 months ago | reply

    :[_________________] This is just breathtaking! Fabulous work!

  17. Paula G77 27 months ago | reply

    Amazing! Love the stonework :)

  18. Julandrius 26 months ago | reply

    Duuuude, this is amazing, one of the best mocs ever!

  19. matthewkenny30 18 months ago | reply

    didn't realise this was lego at first such an amazing job!!

  20. ZephyrChaos 13 months ago | reply

    This is so beautiful!

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