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(Je ne suis pas) Over Paris

I took approximately 4,000 photographs in my short week in Paris last summer, and, as of this posting, I have shared less than 20 of them here on Flickr. I don’t know the reason, as it seems I would typically share more given the unforgettable days I spent there. Regardless, I am feeling nostalgic for the City of Love this evening. (Now that I think about it, I did recently see the movie “Hugo” a few weeks ago -- that may be part of the nostalgia).


Here is a view of a portion of the city from the Eiffel Tower, some minutes after it stopped raining.


I almost did not go to the Eiffel Tower, as I am not a fan of waiting in queues. Those of you have visited Paris in springtime and summer know exactly what I’m talking about. Those minutes, to me, are lost when they could have been spent taking photos or experiencing something else more enjoyable. However, as I contemplated whether or not to book my reservations two nights before my visit, I imagined the perpetual, repetitive, gasp-inducing, dramatic reaction I would have received every time I would be in the company of people discussing the enchantment of Paris: “You went to Paris and did NOT visit the Eiffel Tower?”


I was certain the question would become annoying after the third or fourth time, so instead of enduring that scenario hundreds of times in the future, I did myself a favor and made the reservation. It was not everyday I got the opportunity to visit Paris, after all. The day I got to le Tour Eiffel, I waited in the rain for half an hour (which I hear was not too long a wait compared to peak times when it can be as long as three hours), and by the time I reached the magnificent summit, I was grateful I made the decision to visit. It was indeed a magical afternoon atop one of the world’s most renowned landmarks.


Every second in Paris was magical.



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Taken on June 22, 2011