• Comcast Center
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • City Hall
  • Marriott Hotel
  • One Liberty Place (former tallest building completed in 1987)
  • Two Liberty Place
  • Bell Atlantic Tower (3 Logan Square)
  • BNY Mellon Center
  • Ritz-Carlton Hotel
  • PNB Building (Lincoln-Liberty Building)
  • Statue of William Penn
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  • indoor reflections? - Tony Shi Photos

William Penn is Watching

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“Downtown” is often referred to as “Center City” by the residents of Philadelphia. In terms of population, Philly is the 6th largest city in the United States, preceded by New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and Phoenix. (Thanks for the correction, Sekkle).

The skyline of the city had remained relatively unchanged for over two decades until the Comcast Center was completed in 2008. It is now the tallest building in Philadelphia. In fact, it was One Liberty Place that ended the city’s “Gentlemen’s Agreement”, which was basically a zoning regulation that no building in the city could surpass the height of William Penn’s statue at the summit of City Hall.

When One Liberty Place was erected in 1987, the locally known “Curse of Billy Penn” apparently plagued Philadelphia’s sports teams for almost 20 years. The curse maintained that if the Gentlemen’s Agreement was breached, the curse of William Penn, the founder of the city, would beleaguer the city’s major sports teams from winning any national competitions, which seemed to be the case up until 2008. (Read more about Billy Penn’s curse here.)


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  1. Surrealplaces 62 months ago | reply

    Wow, that is kick-a$$! I've always liked Philly's skyline, you've done a great job capturing it Tosin!

  2. Sekkle 62 months ago | reply

    Amazing shot! Actually, Phoenix's population passed Philly's a year or two ago... but Philly is still much bigger in terms of metro area, and feels like a much bigger city in general.

  3. le cabri 62 months ago | reply

    very cool shot ! looks fantastic !

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  4. Dr. Ilia 62 months ago | reply

    beautifully captured!

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  5. hapulcu 62 months ago | reply

    Fantastic lights and skyline, wonderful capture.

  6. idashum 62 months ago | reply

    Great close-up of the Philly skyline! Interesting information about the curse of Billy Penn. Hope you're having a great weekend!
    Seen in my contacts' photos. ( ?² )

  7. TIA International Photography 62 months ago | reply

    Many thanks for all the comments, feedback, and compliments.

    Craig That's actually one of my objectives for my photo business in 2011! Your question has reinforced the fact that I'm on the right track.
    Brian Thanks for the correction. I have edited my description to reflect this.
    Tony Shi Yep! This image was taken through glass.

  8. Jason Neely 62 months ago | reply

    Really impressive shot!

  9. Lori - Learning Junkie 62 months ago | reply

    Love those colors and light. Your night shots are a real treat.

  10. Black Cat Photos 62 months ago | reply

    wow cool shot!! and love all the info! luv m xxx

  11. BadGunman 62 months ago | reply

    Absolutly wonderful night shot.

  12. Dan Anderson. 62 months ago | reply

    Masterful color work Mr. Arasi!

  13. Sayid Budhi 62 months ago | reply

    spleendid night shot. i love it.

  14. Sekkle 60 months ago | reply

    now I have to correct my correction. Census data released last week (or something) said that Philly is still number 5, Phoenix is still number 6. The yearly estimates showed Phoenix passing Philly a few years ago, but the actual count said "not so fast." So kudos Philly, and sorry for the incorrect correction Tosin!

  15. TIA International Photography 60 months ago | reply

    Thanks again, everyone. This image has become one of my most popular on flickr -- one of my very first photographs for 2011.
    Brian Not a problem. . .in a few more months your incorrect correction will become incorrect again, thus making your original correction correct again! (Read that carefully --- it makes sense! hahahaa). Take care, Brian.

  16. agun51 45 months ago | reply

    wa oooooooooo, very beutiful indeed.and is one of best economics city in united state. anyway i once apply to biblelical unversity 200 magor avenue philiad

  17. theo0023 21 months ago | reply

    Beautiful skyline!!

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