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"Just call my name. Just call my name, Coronado. . ."

This is an aerial view of beautiful Coronado Beach on the southern end of Coronado Island in San Diego. Towards the upper center of the photo lies the famous and luxurious "Hotel del Coronado" resort with red roofs and swimming pools. It is a landmark attraction for residents, tourists, photographers, and architecture enthusiasts alike.


Of course, the other key attraction here is the name of the island imprinted on the sands of the beach. The helicopter pilot humored me with a story regarding the letters. According to her accounts, she had been a native of Coronado for five years, living very near this formation, and never knew it was there until she started taking flying lessons!


As I started to chuckle, she told me not to laugh at her ignorance. I could empathize, though, since one really cannot appreciate the formation unless you see it from an aerial perspective (the same is quite true of the Pentagon in Virginia). It was because of this that she was determined to fly above it so I would not miss it.


For those of you who are not fans, forgive the Lady Gaga reference to "Alejandro", as that was the most frequently rotated song on San Diego radio after Katy Perry's more geographically friendly "California Girls."




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Taken on June 14, 2010