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Crabapple Feast

This year I saw my first waxwings. Actually it as a series of coincidents that helped me find them.

This first encounter was unforgettable, but photographically it wasn't a big success.

The weather was awful and the birds were very very shy.

It was a fantastic experience though and I got so enthusiastic about these beautiful bird that I decided to try find them again.

And I did. This time the weather was so much better and I had a chance to make some more decent photographs.

Then the Waxwings slowly seemed to disappear from the Netherlands.

Probably they ran out of berries, or they didn't like all the snow and ice.

Or maybe they just returned where they came from...?

I was glad I had had these two chances to see them and assumed it would take a long time to see them again.

I certainly never expected them to show up so soon, so near again..!.

While they had their crab-apple feast, I had my little private party...;)

A wonderful farewell.......and hopefully we'll meet again soon..!


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Taken on January 10, 2011