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most of you probably remember my aunt debbie

and her book

the books website


anyway, the book is going in for it's second publishing thanks to a great response! :)

and the publishing company that she created is called "Harmony Publications, LLC". ....soooo....when she saw the rock in my pond said "harmony" she went bonkers and said she'd love a picture w/it to put in her book under the name Harmony Publications. so i went out on a mission to find mister big pond frog in hopes that he would be my gracious model.

well....he wasn't so gracious at first. it was a hard day of work for me because he was quite the "diva".

i got the water hyacinths all around the rock to make it look pretty. all i needed was my model. i found him. i chased him around the pond for a good 15 minutes until he jumped out of the pond and then i proceeded to chase him around my backyard for about 20 minutes. finally i caught him (slipper sucker) and placed him nicely in the setting. his big fat hand was covering the H and the little jerk had ripped a piece of my hair out and it was draped over the rock like yesterdays laundry.

damn! so i talked calmly to him and told him i was going to remove the hair and move his cute little foot. luckily he let me do all of this and i was able to snap this picture!

Viola' :)


so...that's my fun story about this picture :)

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Taken on September 21, 2008