1000 Faces of Canada is a photographic challenge spanning the course of approximately one year a lifetime. My ambition is to capture one thousand faces that roam the streets of Canada in a street photography or candid street portraiture style.

The following is a poem that one of my subjects has written for this project. You can find a link to his portrait below.

A Thousand Faces

When you walk down the street,
Passing by whom ever is there,
Do you bother to look at them,
To really see the person there?
Do you just walk by, paying no mind,
Not caring what’s going on,
Whether they are laughing, or sharing a cry?

The world is diverse,
So are the people out on the street,
So take time to look at them,
You might be surprised who you meet,
A doctor, a lawyer, or someone writing a poem,
A housewife out shopping, anxious to get home,
All of them have a story, something to say,
But to you, they are just one of a thousand faces that you pass in a day,

So my suggestion to you is to stop staring at the ground,
Lift your eyes up and take a look,
Perhaps you’ll be surprised at what they have found.

Crazzy Dave 11/12/10


-Ryan Seyeau
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