what if it's just for a second? (Mississippi Street and Mariposa Street)

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    never ever ever
    ever never ever
    never ever ever
    never park here.
    Thank you

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    1. glennbphoto 62 months ago | reply

      Do you think they really mean it?

    2. inarges 62 months ago | reply

      That is awesome.

    3. SF EYES (Robert Ogilvie) 62 months ago | reply

      So did you ? - because once I find out where it is I will. Right after I reverse backward up Lombard - like Erik dared me to.

    4. roger jones 62 months ago | reply

      I've driven the wrong way up lombard (and vermont) but I haven't tried backing up it yet. At one time they were both two way streets. You just have to catch the right moment.

    5. SqueakyCleanDave 62 months ago | reply

      Mississippi at Mariposa, I saw a tow truck parked there the other day

    6. throgers 62 months ago | reply

      dirtydave is correct!

    7. throgers 62 months ago | reply

      Hey, this made it into Explore! Everyone who hasn't favorited it yet should do so immediately, so as to keep it there :) All my other Explore photos bounce around for a while but then fall out...

    8. naga3717 62 months ago | reply

      I think 4 NEVERs cancel each other out, so they're actually saying it's just fine to park there.

    9. throgers 62 months ago | reply

      Ooh, good point! :)

    10. SF EYES (Robert Ogilvie) 62 months ago | reply

      How do you find out if your photos make it to Explore?

    11. throgers 62 months ago | reply

      There's a site, Flickr Explore Scout. Here are my results:

    12. throgers 37 months ago | reply

      Aside: I spotted an ABC license on this space a few days ago, and passed the tip along to a neighborhood blogger who did a little investigating:
      Presumably the no-parking policy will remain in effect!

    13. sharonious33 37 months ago | reply

      Sure enough, I passed this garage the other day when visiting some friends. Makes the world seem a bit smaller. I'd be excited too if I lived in D10 ...sounds like a delish new place.

    14. Gaany 35 months ago | reply

      excelente idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    15. throgers 31 months ago | reply

      This is now a cafe, so the door can't be seen when they're open:


      I still wouldn't park there :) Good coffee, regardless!

    16. throgers 9 months ago | reply

      For some reason, my Flickr stats show this is a very popular pic on Pinterest!

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