September 2015 Submarine History Day
September 19 Submarine History Day at Albacore Museum. Thresher Base meeting held at 0900 before start of activities.

Photos taken by Robin Galeaz.

Photos edited, uploaded, named and descriptions added by Kevin Galeaz.

Submarine History Day events included:
9:00 – 9:45AM: Thresher Base Annual Meeting (includes Tolling of the Bell)
10:00AM: Capt. Greene Opening Address
10:30AM: Film Festival commences in the Albacore museum space, Visitor’s Center
11:00AM-12:00PM: MudHook music performers
12:00PM: Swearing in of new recruits into US Navy by CRD Ron Stowe of the USS Scranton (complete with drill demonstration by Sea Cadets & presentation by USN Color Guard) and cutting of the cake.
1PM - 2PM: MudHook music performers
2:00PM: Capt. Rod Waterson, USN (Ret.) discussing the PNSY
3:00PM Event concludes. Exhibitors may begin break-down of exhibits if they choose – Film Festival continues to 5:00PM
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