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Vegetarian Dumplings | by Three Headed Dragon
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Vegetarian Dumplings

Making vegetarian dumplings is a mindful process. For the most time consuming part, the fillings, you need to cut different vegetables into tiny pieces. During that process, observe the different colors and textures of the vegetable pieces, feel the crisp and soft of vegetables and tofu, smell the fresh and earthen smell of vegetables. Here is how I make them.

This recipe makes 100 to 200.


1. 7 cups of flour

2. 1 tsp of salt

3. 2 cups of water (if too dry, add more water)

Mix all the above and knead until dough is smooth. Cover dough with plastic film and let it sit for about 20 minutes.


1. 6 eggs, beat and mix in a bowl.

2. 1 carrot, cut into tiny dices

3. 2 cups of cabbages cut into tiny dices

4. Chinese Wood-Ear Mushroom (or sometimes it is translated as black fungus, does not sound very good, but taste good, and lower cholesterols), soak it in the warm water for 2 hours and then cut into tiny dices, needs about 2 cups of it.

5. Chinese Five-Spice Hard Tofu (or just plain Hard Tofu), cut into tiny dices, needs about 2 cups of it.

6. Green onions, 3 pieces, cut into tiny dices

7. Ginger root, about 2 in. x 2 in. size, cut into tiny dices

8. Garlic, about half glove, cut into tiny dices.

9. Salt ( just add enough to your taste)

10. Soy source (2 tsp or enough to your taste)

11. Sugar (same amount as salt 1:1 ratio)

12.Sesame oil 2 tbsp (optional, replace with butter)

13. Vegetable oil or butter 2tbsp

14. Chinese peppercorn oil 2tbsp (optional, replace with sesame oil or butter)


In a pan, add 2tbsp Vegetable oil and 2tbsp Chinese peppercorn oil (or use butter to replace it),

Pour the egg mixture into the pan and lightly stir fry until cooked. Cut the cooked egg into tiny dices. Mix the egg pieces and all the ingredients above, taste a little bit to see if you have enough salt and sugar. The filling is then ready.

Dipping Source:

Vinegar, soy source, sesame oil, chili source


1. Cut the dough into about 1 in. cubes and flatten it into a circular shape and then roll it with rolling pin into about 3 in. to 4in. circles.

2. Put some fillings in the middle of the dough 1. And then pull the 2 sides of the dough toward the center and pinch the edges together, basically, your purpose to seal the fillings inside the dough. You can make it prettier by adding some folds on the edges.


1. Boiled Dumplings: Boil water, add dumpling s in it, boil for about 10 minutes or less until the dumplings float up. Vegetarian dumplings don’t need to be cooked very long.

2. Pan Fried Dumplings: put 2 tbsp of butter in the pan, lay dumplings one by one in the pan until pan is full; let it fry for half minute, and then add about ½ cup of water; cook until the water is dried and bottom of the dumping is golden brown.


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Taken on October 7, 2009