Rude Welcoming Party

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Maybe he's just mad because they both wore the same style helmet and greaves...

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  1. McLovin1309 33 months ago | reply

    Oh yes <3

    You finally made some leg guards! ;) Absolutely excellent, I LOVE them :D

  2. ZephyrChaos 33 months ago | reply

    Yes please :)

  3. theraconteur- 33 months ago | reply

    You are my favourite custom lego company. Those leg guards will look beautiful on many different themed figs.

  4. ♠DJB♠ [deleted] 33 months ago | reply

    Ryan, do you EVER let up!?
    I'm definitely buying a good bit of your stuff at BW.

  5. BrickSlasher 33 months ago | reply

    THOSE LEG GAURDS. <3 <3 <3

  6. Cmorgenweck 33 months ago | reply

    I now have a new favorite BrickWarriors item :D These look great, Ryan. Now I don't have to cut and glue RT armor shoulder armor to make kneepads :D But seriously, you and Victor are murdering my wallet. :p

  7. [ Joeman ] 33 months ago | reply

    Those new helments!

  8. Morgan190 33 months ago | reply

    How do the leg guards actually attach? Both figures' legs are spread apart in this shot... Can their legs not be in a standard "closed"/standing position with the leg guards on?

  9. Cmorgenweck 33 months ago | reply

    There's clips on the sides. Look at my note.

  10. Morgan190 33 months ago | reply

    ^ No, I get that part, that's obvious. ;) What I'm asking is whether there's a clip on the inside of each leg too. If there is, I'm wondering if the legs can't close properly, which is why they're both shown open here.

  11. BrickWarriors - Ryan 33 months ago | reply

    Thanks guys!

    The legs can still close with the greaves on, I just happened to have them both positioned with one leg back for the picture. I think the picture I have slated for tomorrow shows a guy with them on and his legs in the normal position.

    The clips are staggered so that they do not collide with eachother.

  12. JasBrick 33 months ago | reply

    I was just thinking that nobody had tackled the issue of leg armour and here you are with something that looks perfect. These will work well with Gears of War figs that need something to break up the plain legs.

    Really impressed by the design, nice work.

  13. 'Sergeant Chipmunk' 33 months ago | reply

    Man, these looks awesome!

  14. Dawn Hero 33 months ago | reply

    No way!!!!

  15. Confuzzled Apples 33 months ago | reply

    These look great. It's nice to see leg armor that doesn't fall off randomly and has to be glued down :P.

  16. §Autrix§ 33 months ago | reply

    Thoes knee pads <3

  17. Cmorgenweck 33 months ago | reply

    Also, Ryan, I guess it's a good thing my Apcoalyptic Juggernaut went missing. Now I can make a new one with better knee armor :D

  18. Olchiefoneye 33 months ago | reply

    What a great idea..i'm gonna get a few of these!

  19. Axelsior 33 months ago | reply

    I believe this is the first item of its kind.


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