Day 242/365

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    I hate when I have to rely on Ritalin to get homework done.

    I absolutely hate it.


    I have challenged Myself to take 365 days of self portraits, this account is specifically for that purpose.

    My main account is todderick42

    3/10/07 : PM

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    1. . jenna 86 months ago | reply

      yuck i hear ya with the A.D.D thing

    2. ~Twon~ 86 months ago | reply

      You should never feel bad about taking prescribed meds that you need. Ever.

      And 1/30? :-)

    3. Ry Pepper 86 months ago | reply

      I wish you didn't have to take it! I'm so glad I just missed that craze when I was a kid. They surely would have put me on it. And from I hear, they nearly did. Hang in there Todd.
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    4. MississippiMelanie 86 months ago | reply

      I take 4 meds a night - BC, BP, antidepressant and sleeping pill. I can not function without any of them. So, I feel your pain...

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    5. MOVED TO PIXELENS FOLLOW ME THERE! [deleted] 86 months ago | reply

      Great close up man... and if it gets you through what you need it too... can't be all bad!

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    6. FLICKR.COM/CHRISWEISSPHOTO 86 months ago | reply

      I have undiagnosed ADD too... I'm almost sure I have it.

      Never tried the Ritalin or Aderol thing. I hate synethic meds... I was on lexapro forever. Hows it work for you?

    7. disco~stu 86 months ago | reply

      doood I hate popping pills but like Haeretik said if gets you through the day and helps you function then it's all good! =D

    8. thp365 86 months ago | reply

      blows, right?

      I guess not. But I don't want to need them.

      and not unless you want 29 days of "I can whistle!" ;)

      Thanks Ry, much 'ppreciated.

      Almost done with school, and I'm hoping I wont need it for work.

      I'm sorry to hear that... big hugs.

      Thanks. I guess thats a point... it just makes me feel so... dependant.

      Ha. I have diagnosed ADHD.

      It speeds my mind up to its cracking point so I can only focus on one thing. And it does it well.

      Thanks mate... thats a fair point.

    9. We Come In From the North 86 months ago | reply

      I took Ritalin one Thanksgiving as a scientific experiment. My mother and I were curious. This was our finding:

      It makes me depressed and cry. For hours.

      All over my mash potatoes and turkey bits. All over the couch. And on the toilet.

      Best Thanksgiving ever.

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    10. ~Twon~ 86 months ago | reply

      Sounds like an episode of friends or something!

      I tried it once in college (I wasn't too smart then). It did nada for me either way. Not that I noticed.

    11. Diogioscuro 86 months ago | reply

      I quit my antidepressants and didn't miss them; I feel better now just knowing that I am not my depression and "reality" is not my depression, either.

      I love "We Come In From The North's" descritpion of taking Ritalin. I can just imagine what a festive Thanksgiving that must have been for the others. It should be in a movie somewhere.

    12. thp365 86 months ago | reply

      Hahahaha, well thats just the exact opposite reaction you want. thats really strange though, theres no reason for it to elicit that...

      I believe if you don't have ADHD your supposed to snort it for it to have an effect. I dunno, thats what the kids who offer to buy it from me say. (I don't sell)

      That would make for an intriguing scene.

      and congrats on conquering the meds.. I only need it very rarely, but its not quite something I can simply overcome unfortunately.

    13. jacobjulius 85 months ago | reply

      Nice pic. I used it to illustrate a blog post on scientists and engineers taking Ritalin and Provigil for non-medical uses. I included a credit to you and a link to this page. You can see the post here:

    14. yorkd 85 months ago | reply

      I love Ritalin.

    15. bosrijk 85 months ago | reply

      why do you think my hair is growing like this?

    16. thp365 85 months ago | reply

      Thanks very much for the credit and for using the photo... I gotta admit, I'm pretty psyched to be in a Wall Street Journal pubication of any kind.

      I'm guessing then, you don't need it? Or do you just not mind being dependent on something?

      haha, fair point.

    17. TerranceDC 83 months ago | reply

      Hey, if it weren't for Ritalin, I'd get no work done at all....

    18. thp365 83 months ago | reply

      To each their own....

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