Rosary Cemetery, Norwich
"The privilege of purchasing Squares or Graves is open to persons of every Religeous Denomination, and all have equally the privilege of using Funeral Rites and Ceremonies, and of having the assistance of such Ministers or Teachers as they may please."

The first ever non-denominational cemetery in the UK

Rosary Cemetery was established in 1821 on land formerly in use as a market garden, and presents a broad green open space between the housing areas to the south and the playing fields of the Telegraph Lane schools to the north. The 13 acres of the cemetery came under the control of the Norwich Corporation in 1954 and it is estimated that about 18,500 people have been buried there since 1821.

To save on maintenance cost Norwich City Council hit on the jolly wheeze of turning the Rosary Cemetery into a "wildlife enviroment"

To my (admittedly subjective) eye, trees and brambles seem to have done a lot of damage to some of the Victorian and Edwardian Memorials.

These few here are part of an ongoing project to photograph the old part of cemetery.

The Friends Of The Rosary have produced a small history of the cemetary called "The Rosary Cemetary, Norwich A Place Of Decent Internment" available from 10 High Green, Thorpe Hamlet Norwich NR1 4AP

LeoL30 has also been photographing the Rosary and his set of far superior images may be viewed at
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