Mehserle Verdict Protest, Oakland, 2010
On November 5, 2010, a Los Angeles judge sentenced former white BART police officer Johannes Mehserle to two years in prison with credit for time served for the charge of involantary manslaughter over the killing of black Oscar Grant. Grant had been shot in the back while laying on a BART platform on New Years Eve. The 2 year sentence was regarded by many as the most lenient Mehserle could have received.

A protest was held on the steps of Oakland City Hall that afternoon/evening. Two previous protests had errupted in rioting and violence. After the protest several protesters marched through the streets of Oakland committing acts of vandalism and burning cars. Over 100 people were arrested according to reports. The protest at City Hall, however, was largely peaceful.

Keoki Seu and Troy Holden also shot the protest with me.

These are my photographs of that protest.
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