Flickr vs Google Plus, Last One Year

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    1. Invisible Cirkus 33 months ago | reply

      instgram has alot invested in their communites... infact, all CM's meet and share best practices together in a centralized space on FB called "ManIgers"... we currently have 232 registered community managers all over the world. its a beautiful thing. I spend most of my TOG time on IG now. what a shame since my heart is here.

    2. misterken 33 months ago | reply

      Maybe Flickr needs to recruit Thomas Hawk :-)

    3. Niki Aguirre 33 months ago | reply

      Thanks for sharing this!

    4. Cynthia E. Wood 33 months ago | reply

      I still prefer Flickr to Google+ for sharing and looking at photography... Go figure!

    5. michael.veltman 33 months ago | reply

      Interesting dialogue - I hope Flickr stays around because I like it here!

    6. KimFearheiley 33 months ago | reply

      I sure miss what Flickr used to be.

    7. Thomas Hawk 33 months ago | reply

      you and an awful lot of people. Flickr does a lot of things right and has actually been improving over the past 6 months. It just needs to improve more and even faster I think. I do believe they are trying to do this though.

    8. michael.veltman 33 months ago | reply

      I just joined this site in January of this year: what did Flickr used to be like?

    9. otterphoto 33 months ago | reply

      I think they need to listen to users and try and give us features we want instead of telling us what we want. Aviary comes to mind...

    10. Matt Champlin 33 months ago | reply

      interesting Thomas, thanks for the info. I may quit FB and use Google+ for my photo sharing instead

    11. peet-astn 33 months ago | reply

      now I know why I'm on Explore most days, I'm the only one left! (And I'm stayin' too!!)

    12. otterphoto 33 months ago | reply

      Well, I know i'm not making Explore because my photos are so wonderful! :)

    13. SF Lіghts 33 months ago | reply

      Aren't statistics fun?

      Use the same units for both graphs, and it'll look a lot different.

      Otherwise, it's useless data.

    14. SF Lіghts 33 months ago | reply

      Also your data sets are suspicious. Try overall views instead of just unique ones (flickr has been around for a while, Google+ is new) and US data is a very poorly selected sample.

    15. michael.veltman 33 months ago | reply

      I also tend to agree with an earlier comment that google+ might better be compared with FB. Wouldn't smugmug or a more similar site to Flickr make for a better comparison?

    16. Alistair Hamill 33 months ago | reply

      You've been posting some fascinating stuff on Flickr over the past while, Thomas, most of which I was unaware of until I read your material. I have recently tried to expand my G+ presences by posting and commenting a bit more. The result has been an avalanche of new followers, but - as yet - very little interaction.

      And so I am faced with a choice: do I stick with Flickr, with my network of contacts, with whom I regularly interact? Or do I invest the time it would take to make G+ work as well for me as it clearly does for you?

      You say: "The question is will a photographer interacting heavily on G+ have more robust activity than a photographer interacting heavily on Flickr."

      That's the clincher for me. I agree with you that G+ is a lot more flexible in terms of its basic format, but do I want to walk away from a community I have invested in to develop another community from scratch?

      Anyway, you've given me plenty to think about...!!!

    17. Viva_Morlick 28 months ago | reply

      I'm just wondering where is the best place/tool to store all your photos? It seems like you can't share very easily - like I can't upload from Google+ to my Flickr, actually I can't get any of my google+ to anywhere else, like Picasa. I've got photos in iPhoto (and thus Picasa) and now in google+. Where's the best place to store photos so that you can actually use them in blogs or other stuff?

    18. Pantera and Mateusz 28 months ago | reply

      Very good point. Confusing Flickr with FB or G+ is a mistake, IMHO, unless someone looks at it from sole marketing point.

    19. Tuan__ 28 months ago | reply

      This is comparing apple and orange. I go on google plus jus to check my email lol.

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