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    Jasper -- San Francisco, CA

    Yesterday while out photowalking with Jordana Wright for her America by Rail photowalk I ran into Jasper. Jasper approached me and asked if I would be willing to listen to him. He explained that he was homeless but that he had a unique talent, that he was a human beatbox. He wanted to perform for us and see if we'd help him out so he could get a sandwich.

    I told Jasper about my $2 Portrait Project and he agreed to pose but wanted to keep that a separate thing from his beatboxing. After beat boxing for a bit Jasper said we could do a portrait, but he wanted to go out in the sun because he wanted to show us another of his unique talents.

    Jasper the beatboxer said he had a unique ability to stare straight into the sun without it hurting his eyes. He said he had rare different colors eyes that gave him this special ability. For about 30 seconds Jasper posed for us with his eyes directly into the sun. He did an encore performance of this but took his shirt off this time because he wanted to show us his muscles.

    Jasper was a talkative guy. He kept referring to himself as Jasper the random black dude and kept talking about this sandwich he was going to get with the money from this portrait session. He seemed fixated on the fact that it couldn't have any sauce on it.

    Jasper is originally from St. Louis. He said he was a product of the American education system.

    After Jasper posed for a while I gave him $10. I usually only pay $2 for street portraits, but Jasper was more of an entertainer to me than a random homeless guy. I told him I was giving $2 for the portrait and $8 for the beatboxing. Others in our group gave him some money too, so hopefully he was able to get his sandwich and a few more today.

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    1. sadler0 34 months ago | reply

      beautiful orange skin and eyes.Proud. Touch of green in the background improves color tone. Thanks for being generous and giving him work.

    2. shelly n 34 months ago | reply

      wonderful eyes:)

    3. George Probst 34 months ago | reply

      Jasper looks like he's getting ready to unleash some heat vision on somebody/something.

    4. Mycophagia 34 months ago | reply

      looks like a boxer!

    5. Axleuk 34 months ago | reply

      Without your story this is just a great image. Your story gives the image a stronger sense of character and makes me want to know more about Jasper. Thank you Thomas.

    6. Jmoke 34 months ago | reply

      Very surreal. Let's hope his talents win him a break some time soon!

    7. Matthew Fox 34 months ago | reply

      I love this portrait and the story behind it really adds something.

    8. Whitney Lake 34 months ago | reply

      great portrait...dof is particularly effective, especially upon reading the story.

    9. ArtsySF©Marjie 34 months ago | reply

      Great story to go with this fantastic photo!

    10. kisslucky 34 months ago | reply

      Great shot photo! Amazing!

    11. PhotoJoy Photography 34 months ago | reply

      What a story! I would have been really worried about his eyes nonetheless, but they sure are amazing! Beautiful photo!

    12. Panorama Paul 34 months ago | reply

      Great shot and story... one of my favourite shots from you!

    13. Typemutha 34 months ago | reply


      I like your work Thomas, it's always interesting and always different.

    14. cotton birdies 34 months ago | reply

      brilliant story, very interesting guy...

    15. ImageSensors 34 months ago | reply

      Amazing eyes, personality and story!

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