The Faces Behind the Photos -- Facebook's Photos Team

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    I really enjoyed getting to meet the photos team at Facebook yesterday. This was a fun group portrait that we took together. You can see the tags of who some of the people in the photo are on Facebook here:

    Facebook has gone from a single person working on photos to a whole team in a few short years. In the process they have ramped up their effort in photos massively and today's product speaks to that effort. Photos which were once tiny postage stamped sized on Facebook now are large big squares on our Timeline and Facebook now has what is the best full screen photo view online.

    Photographers are recognizing that more than just a place for party pics, Facebook has become a serious place to show off your work to the world.

    In addition to Q&A with the team we did a photowalk on campus (with lots more photos of that coming soon). I can't get into everything that I saw down at Facebook (yet) but suffice it to say that these are some of the smartest people in the world working on online photography and there are some very, very cool things to look forward to with regards to photos on Facebook coming down the road.

    The future is wide open for photos on the web and these are some of the people working to make Facebook, and your world as seen through it, a more visually exciting and interesting place.

    If you want to see some of the really great photography being put up on Facebook these days be sure and subscribe to and check out this photographers list that I'm curating. I've got some great photographers up on it now and will add lots more photographers to it over time:

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    1. Mrsth 35 months ago | reply

      Nice click. I wanna date with that guy in the middle :)

    2. maplemusketeer 35 months ago | reply

      I'm envisioning the change in form from arms crossed to "jump around" mode ;)

    3. recordinglight 35 months ago | reply

      Epic and Awesome!

    4. Vivienne Gucwa 35 months ago | reply

      The jumping photo is completely awesome. Actually both are awesome. Everything is so colorful! That background rocks!

    5. scleroplex 35 months ago | reply

      cheerful :-)

    6. Jerard Neal 35 months ago | reply

      I like how the jumping photo resembles a parabolic curve.

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