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You can read more about my $2 Portrait Project here.


Earlier this evening on my way home from work I ran into Penny. Penny was panhandling with her dog Tramp down on Market Street between the Embarcadero and the Embarcadero BART station. I stopped to ask about Penny's dog Tramp. She told me that he was 17 years old and that she'd had him since he was 3 months old. She said that he had a little arthritis but other than that that he was doing ok.


Penny asked for money and I asked her if she wanted to do a $2 Portrait. She said she did and took a few photographs of her. I asked Penny where she lived and she said she was homeless. She said she mostly hangs out around San Francisco. While I was talking to her someone came by and offered a dog biscuit to Tramp. She told me that Tramp was half Rottweiler and half Black Labrador.


I told her that it was nice that she'd had a friend for so many years and told her about my dogs Buddy and Toby who both were black labs who died last year and the year before.


We talked a bit more and then I gave Penny her $2 which she thanked me for and headed down into the BART station on my way home.

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Taken on September 22, 2010