• Censorship is never right! - Dshalock® Libertarian Emperor of America
  • what the heck? - lapietra
  • Flickr: You are Cowards.

    CENSORSHIP is EVIL - Brad Van Slooten
  • We mean business!!!

    Fair business for Rebekka. ;) - Brad Van Slooten
  • Criminals...

    All we ask is fairness. - Brad Van Slooten
  • Protect Rebekka's work...

    Protest the evil that has presented itself. (you know who you are) - Brad Van Slooten
  • I love this. What lens did you use? - treviño
  • Just say no to Pro Accounts! - FlorinC
  • Shame on you Flickr.

    what's next...??? - Brad Van Slooten
  • Let's not forget, that Rebekka has been a victim of a serious crime.

    Her art was stolen and sold against her will. - Brad Van Slooten
  • a serious crime against humanity happened...This artist has been trying to catch the perpurtrators for over 5 months and they continued to conduct their criminal activities.

    If you have a conscience..please support Rebekka, she deserves so much more for her losses. Please listen to this thead. - Brad Van Slooten
  • without the community which created it...flickr never existed. - kidjay
  • Nothing shows something (lightbulb in your head?) Report the abuse ... I know you see blank page. - Brad Van Slooten
  • I just wanted in on the fun. - smoothdude
  • there's right and then there's wrong

    Who's side are you on??? - Brad Van Slooten
  • Please support Rebbeka against what is "EVIL". - Brad Van Slooten
  • I know this looks like Frank Llod Wright, but let's wrong the right... - Brad Van Slooten
  • I would just like to know the reason why Flickr took that picture down.

    I really... really don't get that.
    And what was there to censor? - UFOGlassHens
  • Yep! - Jeff McNeill
  • I support Rebeeka! - akimera
  • I don't think Flickr would have done this if they weren't owned by Yahoo. At least I hope not. Silencing the community is a bad move... look at what happened with digg with the HD DVD stories. - rayraymmk
  • I support Rebekka! - Eleven Eight
  • I launch an appeal to the Flickr staff: the time has come to finally sack yahoo and move to google!!!!!!!!!!!! - bluenot3
  • For shame, Yahoo! - danguyf
  • Protest with your money, take it elsewhere. - Afulki
  • If you really want to show a stand take down your photos!!!! Actions are louder than words. Thanks flickr I'm outa here. Who else has the guts to support Rebekka? - keely03blue
  • Power to the people! - short term effect
  • This whole thing was disgusting - AndrewJ
  • Bad Flickr, no dougnut.
    Flickr = Cowards!
    Zooomr = Teh Rock! - Tim Crandley
  • I support rebekka - EEY
  • fight against censorship! - silviu.piros
  • We're in Gamma. It doesn't Matta! - jbhaber
  • Collaborative user generated content means we call the shots. Stop acting like you don't need us - we don't need you. - sserendipity
  • Now this is protest art... - lollerkeet
  • A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
    --Margaret Mead - Heini Samuelsen
  • Por que lo censuran????? - edwardyanquen
  • Count me in! This act is pretty outrageous on Flickr's part. - P/\UL
  • Hey, this is like modern art ! Warhol, look out ! - 4PIZON
  • no more pro account - manuel@
  • I had a stream with 1 million views, 10,000s fo comments and 3,000 phtoso deleted without explanation. But I back up my contact list and started teh revoltuion. - Espanola 2011
  • Freedom of Speech!!!
    Flickr, don't go to the dark side!!! - Tabike
  • Rebekka: We are with you! - o_0 AnImAge
  • I really cannot understand why flickr is doing such things from time to time. In Gail's case some might feel offended, but Rebecca was offending THEM, I assume. - The Mainzelmann
  • Rebecca has my full support - Chris?
  • Picasa :) - thanr
  • _rebekka was one of the people that inspired me to take on photography. Because of rebekka I decided to pick up my first camera, and she absolutely has my support. - jx_imagine_it
  • Copyright violation. Frustration. Protest. Excessive retribution. Censorship. Phoenix! Not all violations end up with a positive story at the end. Let's look at the break points of Flickr and find ways to create positive endpoints instead. - blankphotog
  • I'm a Rebekka-supporter! - apreussler
  • They are with the dark site. - coyr
  • no censorship - ososment
  • Disgusting people.
    Get some class. - Jake Hegel
  • I am utterly disgusted flickr. - Green Heat
  • Down with the Scum! - jw_creations
  • Flickr sucks !! - Jason Duncan
  • Support Rebekka!!! Fight Censorship!!! - NorgeFan
  • Maybe the money for my pro account will be used for something else. - Raw World
  • No censorship!! - Neokrisys
  • censorship is wrong! - jamie.avonlea
  • Fight the power that be! - Urban prophets Chuck and Flava Flav... - iceman9294
  • it looks good :) they may censor this too. - kowabungat
  • Not much photo is this, but very artistic indeed. Sometimes good things might actually come out of bad things... - henrik boegh
  • Down with the man! - NinaMyers
  • Never let it happen again! I feel for Rebekka. - _Morten
  • Add your note here. - Twyford
  • wow - ypsilon_malaga
  • im confused - Rich....
  • yahoo likes rectangles - verrboten
  • СвОбОдУ СлОвА ! - Labvia

Yahoo = Censorship

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  1. Friggin_Awesome 84 months ago | reply

    I guess Yahoo was feeling harassed and intimidated. Waaah! Poor Yahoo!

    Unfortunately, as far as deleting comments, they do have that right- it is their webspace. But they can not allow other sites and companies to use our images without permission. They're supposed to be protecting its users, not making them more vulnerable.

    So that's why I must say to all artists: WATERMARK ALL OF YOUR IMAGES! You can't trust any web-hosting sites to protect you anymore, so you have to protect yourself. Plus, if someone tries to steal a watermarked images, it's that much easier to sue them later.

    Keep up the fight.

  2. justaperfectthought 84 months ago | reply

    Found this site that is almost totally uncensored:


    Might be something for those who wants to choose by themselves what they want to see or provide to others. :)

  3. Paul L McCord Jr 84 months ago | reply

    Why are all you people so upset? Flickr is a photo sharing service, not a political service. I just don't get it.

  4. polaranta 84 months ago | reply

    I will cancel my account if those sonzuvabittschez don't stop it !

  5. mrblad 84 months ago | reply

    I was wondering what the hell was going on! I run a personal start page called FunkyHomepage (http://www.funkyhomepage.com) and it includes a Flickr slide show. For the last 3-4 days about HALF the images that appear on the slideshow have been images protesting about censorship! Some of them even feature Nazis! If you take a look at the slideshow on my page, you'll see what I mean! So, intrigued by this, I decided to do a search on it and came to this post! Shocking! If the slideshow on Funky Homepage is anything to go by, then nearly half the images recently posted on Flickr have been to do with censorship! I wonder how Yahoo feels about this now?! I bet they never expected this kind of a response! It's fantastic how you've all rallied behind this issue. Fantastic.

  6. cracowcars 83 months ago | reply

    Let's just leave flicker, and move to zooomr dot com

  7. melbourne_underground... in Brisbane 83 months ago | reply

    This is terrible. I thought Flickr was much more open minded than some of the other photo hosting sites. I might have to look in to establishing my own site. I'm not sure I can stomach the thought of giving money to a company that behaves like this.

  8. picli 83 months ago | reply

    picli.com will censor nothing but porn and copywrited content, it is maintained by its users. Come and join the fun.

  9. picli 83 months ago | reply

    free too :-)

  10. ianapplegate.co.uk 76 months ago | reply

    Sorry guys...what picture was this? It is in my faves and I cant remember!

  11. Tablesyrup 71 months ago | reply

    dunno what the hell this was all about. but it was about censorship right? how much does it take to piss yahoo off? anyway, rebekka is cute. and she does photography! which is at least two things this pretty girl is good at.

  12. (deaf mute) 68 months ago | reply

    I wonder how much drama there would be if Thomas Hawk got deleted from flickr without warning.
    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

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