Is Trying to Be the Largest Copyright Infringer of All Time?

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    My friends ZeeAnna! and Burnt Umber tipped me off today to a new search engine operating out there calledImagelogr. Only it's not like your traditional image search engine. Most image search engines like Google or Bing include a link back to the images that they search from the web.

    Not so with Imagelogr.

    Imagelogr claims to be scraping the entire "free web" and seems to have hit Flickr especially hard, copying full-sized images of yours and mine to their own servers where they are hosting them without any attribution or links back to the original image in violation of all available licenses on Flickr. If people on Imagelogr want to they can manipulate your images, rotate them, see them at different sizes up to 300% and even download the images with a download button directly from the site.

    Want to know if they've stolen some of your flickr Images? Just go here and type in your flickr name in the search box and see if any come back.

    I don't know much about the new search engine. There is not much information to identify who is actually behind it. According to their masked domain registation, the site, currently registered with godaddy, was set up there in April of 2010. The site currently boasts to be tracking over 24 *billion* (yes, billion with a B) images. If their numbers are true, this may in fact be the largest image grab in the history of Flickr.

    At the site under a "legal" link there is a Terms of Service page that reads "coming soon." Under their contact link they provide you the email address: imagelogr [at] gmail [dot] com. I emailed them to ask what is up with their view of image licensing and will report back if I get an answer back from them.

    Under their main page of the site they have a site description that reads as follows: " is an image & picture search engine. We try to index pretty much every picture & image currently available on the free internet. With our powerful search engine finding these images should be fairly easy. We also offer a few image manipulation tools to stand out from the competition."

    I think it's a bit misleading for them to try and tie their search engine with the "free" internet. It might give people the impression that any images that are on their site can be used for free, which is definitely not the case. People who erroneously assume that they can use the images on this site may end up being liable for copyright infringement if they do.

    Interestingly enough, it looks like they are even indexing a bunch of Getty Images photographs, which I guarantee you won't last long. In fact it appears that while the thumbnail images for Getty are still there, if you click through to the larger sized images many are already showing as not available on the site.

    Some users at Flickr started complaining about this in a thread in the Flickr Help Forum, but in usual Flickr fashion they censored the thread by locking it down. Wouldn't want it getting out there now that there was a wholesale rip off of flickr images going on. Thanks alot Flickr!

    Update: It looks like Imagelogr is rapidly trying to do damage control. Since I wrote this post they have added a disclaimer on images that they may be copyrighted as well as added a source link to images and a link to their site for "image removal" which reads as follows:

    "If you are the owner of copyrighted content that is displayed on, we will gladly remove those images.

    Please email us the exact links of the image pages where your content is being displayed.

    Make sure you send us the links to the image page, NOT the search pages.


    Email your removal URL's to imagelogr [at] gmail [dot] com and we will remove them within 48 hours."

    I'm not sure why they'd think that giving people a way to have their images removed absolves them from image theft, but we'll see what happens. They seem to be adapting quickly.

    Update #2: Imagelogr is now offline, if you go to their url it is replaced with the following message: " is currently offline as we are improving the website. Due to copyright issues we are now changing some stuff around to make people happy. Please check back soon."

    Update #3: On Slashdot here.

    Update #4: domainlogr has responded with the following explanation:

    "What Happened To

    If you are wondering why you are being redirected to instead of landing on, this page is for you.

    We recently launched a little site called using the Yahoo! BOSS api. It was a little image search engine that was far from finished. The site was just online, didn't have any traffic, and we didn't actually host any images. The whole site was maybe 50kb of php files :)

    Because the 'back-to-source' links were still missing, someone started a post on Flickr claiming we stole billions of images. The counter on our frontpage stating (We are now indexing images) was just a number made up by us, and actually didn't mean much. It was a guess number of how many images Yahoo! would have in its database approximately.

    When the news started to spread that we posted full size images without a 'back-to-source' link, we quickly took action and added 2 source links on each page and added a copyright notice stating that he image shown might be copyrighted. After the news was posted on Slashdot and countless other blog and news sites, the emails with complains were coming in rapidly.

    In the end we just decided to take the website offline.

    This whole Imagelogr project was a non-profit website, we did not display a single ad on the site. We simply tried to make a better images search engine than the currently available ones.

    For now the website will remain offline, and it is our plan to turn it into a Google Images like website (with frames linking to the original source) over the next couple of days. Until that time, we are forwarding all traffic to this domain."

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    1. BooRadBop 59 months ago | reply

      What bastards. Good to see they're offline now to "fix" things, but the wording of their message sounds a bit like we're the ones being unreasonably grouchy. Grrr.

    2. Invisible Cirkus 59 months ago | reply

      I got the word this AM from Burnt Umber.... oi vay. Thanks hawk & team for flying overhead protecting us all.

      see you in t-minus 90 days!!!!!! <3

    3. camarografo 59 months ago | reply

      I'm still angry at this, and I returned home prepared to contact a lawyer client to get her take on this. Actually, some photos of her dog, that I took are/were on the website. I got really pissed when I stopped counting my stuff totaling 40 pages.

      Thanks, TH for being so helpful.

    4. [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

      Great one !

    5. *Sherry* 59 months ago | reply

      Looks like the site is down... just got this message from the site:

      " is currently offline as we are improving the website. Due to copyright issues we are now changing some stuff around to make people happy. Please check back soon."

    6. Burnt Umber 59 months ago | reply

      It gets better. Imagelogr is hiding behind a proxy company which is protecting them.

      Thank you for your message. Domains By Proxy (hereinafter "DBP") provides a private registration service to its customers. DBP is not a hosting provider, does not provide content for customer websites and has no control over any customer content whatsoever.

      In the course of our investigation, we have found that the website IMAGELOGR.COM is not currently resolving. As the content appears to have been removed, we are unable to assist with your request at this time. We have forwarded your complaint on to the registrant of the domain name.

      If you seek the identity of our customer, please submit a valid subpoena. You may review our subpoena policies at

      Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

      Kind regards,

      L. XXXXXX
      Office of the General Manager
      Domains By Proxy, Inc.

      What a piece of crap.

    7. SpeedSparkz 59 months ago | reply

      Did flickr get the site shut down?

    8. Ah Hman 59 months ago | reply

      looks like the site has crashed with your promotions!! ;-p

    9. StephanieLynnPhotography [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

      i clicked your link and got this message: is currently offline as we are improving the website. Due to copyright issues we are now changing some stuff around to make people happy. Please check back soon.

    10. camarografo 59 months ago | reply

      I have a feeling that they're going to change name and pop up again.

      Where does Flickr stand on this, and what, if anything are they doing to help us?

    11. Burnt Umber 59 months ago | reply

      camarografo Flickr's official stance when you find your images on other peoples servers is that it is between you and the third party. It is your image and you must file the NOI with the hosting company.

      This makes sense. After all, how does Flickr know the image came off of their server in the first place.

      Finally Staff did take action. What that action is, is not clear. see the response here:

      What I suspect happened overall is Flickr sent the legal department dogs out for a hunt. This went far and beyond a couple of Flickr images being stolen. This was a wholesale raid on their servers and all of their clients images.

      In addition to myself as well as TH, Colleen, and other heavy Flickr hitters banged all our friends and had a giant NOI festival. So when the fax machine at Domains By Proxy, Inc. and the Copyright violation email box started filling up at GoDaddy, then everyone took about 30 seconds, circled the wagons, and pulled the plug.

      My beef right now is with the assholes at Domains By Proxy Inc. who are sheltering these thieves rather than kicking them to the curb. They are proclaiming they did not know what was going on nor were they responsible for the content of the company they sheltered.

      Well, they know now. As far as I am concerned if the sheltered proxy company emerges with the same tactics and Domains By Proxy Inc. is still sheltering them, then they are just as guilty of image theft.

      The final issue is yours, mine, everyone's images are still on this companies hard drive. they may be off the web, but I am damn certain they were not deleted.

    12. BooRadBop 59 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the update. Interesting that they're making all kinds of excuses and there's not one "we're sorry" in their statement. Weasels.

    13. Burnt Umber 59 months ago | reply

      Noel Kerns I just read that page. what a complete line of horse shit!

      When the news started to spread that we posted full size images without a 'back-to-source' link, we quickly took action and added 2 source links on each page and added a copyright notice stating that he image shown might be copyrighted.

      You miserable sacks of cat feces. You steal images and then after you get caught you say they might be copyrighted. All 7,000 + of my images you stole from Flickr's server were clearly marked and tagged as Copyright All Rights Reserved. Yet you stole them anyway!

      we didn't actually host any images

      That is the biggest bold face lie. Do NOT piss in my face and tell me it is raining. I saw my image. i saw where they were stored and they were no longer on Flickr's farm severs.

      I am just getting started with you freaks.

      Long live the Rabbit Family!

    14. Invisible Cirkus 59 months ago | reply

      viva la rabbit..... <3

    15. Noel Kerns 59 months ago | reply

      Burnt Umber - Why are you yelling at me and calling me names? I don't work for Imagelogr!

    16. otterphoto 59 months ago | reply

      I believe only the first line was a reply to you, at least that's how I read it...

    17. camarografo 59 months ago | reply

      I don't think that Umber's umbrage was directed at you.

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