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Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes filled with ticky tack. Westlake was the neighborhood responsible for inspiring that classic song. Colorful little homes dot the hillsides. It's a bit of a drive from Downtown SF, but if you are coming up 280, be sure to take John Daly and go exploring there. There is an elementary school where you can get this great view from.

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  1. OliveEyel 116 months ago | reply

    The best type of individualism! Awesome colors...incredible town.

  2. angel de olavide 116 months ago | reply

    Bravo. Great photo. and Fav for me.

  3. vanilla_bean83 116 months ago | reply

    Neat photograph

  4. Brendan Aidan 116 months ago | reply

    "Little boxes on the hillside, Little boxes made of tickytacky
    Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes all the same
    There's a green one and a pink one and a blue one and a yellow one
    And they're all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same."

    You couldn't have captured this Malvina Reynolds "Little Boxes" song any better. BRAVO!

  5. UBopp 116 months ago | reply

    CorporateWhore, I read your lyrics and thought "It's a Pete Seeger song, who is this Malvina Reynolds person?" Then I Googled, to find that we are both right. They co-wrote it, or they are her words and his music, or whatever. :)

  6. Tan Boon Hwa 115 months ago | reply

    Nice suburb! reminded me of Auckland NZ

  7. peter photo 115 months ago | reply

    I like this photograph! these different dwelling personalized release an ideal of life.

  8. Christine Lebrasseur 112 months ago | reply

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  9. Christine Lebrasseur 112 months ago | reply

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  10. Kristin 112 months ago | reply

    I lived in Daly City for a few years and was glad to move. They have to paint the houses like that so they can tell them apart, otherwise you'd get lost among the clones. It embodies all the disadvantages of suburbia (although it was nice to be so close to SF and the beach).

  11. getthebubbles 110 months ago | reply

    I added this great shot to the Showoff For Others Group because I like it!

  12. Christine Lebrasseur 110 months ago | reply

    This picture is one of the 20 most interesting picture of the " *Blue group", congratulations :)
    The 20 most interesting pictures of the

  13. robertjkeil 104 months ago | reply

    If you are interested in this architecture, I just published a book about Westlake, Henry Doelger's Midcentury Modern development in Daly City. See www.littleboxesbook.com

  14. aberdidi 102 months ago | reply

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  15. clementine mom 99 months ago | reply

    This is like a painting,great!

  16. Choollus 93 months ago | reply

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  17. EATMYSOCKSHZ 61 months ago | reply

    i shall attempt to paint this. if u wont let me please tell me*

  18. edenseekr 53 months ago | reply

    Loved these houses when we visited SF.

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