I've Been Banned From the Flickr Help Forum

It seems, unfortuantely, that Flickr's response to criticism about censorship (something many people not just me oppose on Flickr) is simply even yet more censorship.


That's too bad.



  • Maria J Aleman 6y

    I'm protesting by not posting anything on their forums.. let's leave them empty, let them talk amongst themselves.
  • Demodragon 6y

    i'm just hope that flickr do not end like fotolog or something like that
  • Charlie Owen 6y

    I can definitely see Heathers side of things: I've run big communities here at Microsoft and had to do exactly what she did when an individual seemed to be outside of the boundaries of decorum. Likewise, I've known Thomas for a while now and found him to be an all around great guy with a very passionate streak on a few specific topics. I've never seem him abusive...only very passionate. There is a difference although the line can sometimes seem very large and very gray.

    I'm a huge fan of Thomas Hawk. I'm a huge fan of Flickr, and by association: Heather.

    One of you: Pick up the phone and call the other. Don't polarize. Set things right. The rest of us will benefit.
  • torbakhopper 6y

    personally, every community needs watch dogs who have "personal crusades". face it, flickr, that's just one of the things that comes along with running a community.

    communities that persecute their own watchdogs are taking their watch dogs too seriously, imo. instead of persecuting, they should remind their watch dog users that ultimately flickr is supposed to be a friendly, good time share place where any community member can come without being harangued, badgered, baited, taunted, probed, spammed, etc.

    these are community values i believe ALL of us subscribed to or at least agreed to subscribe to when we joined flickr.

    so it's always risky to be a watch dog who stirs up the events that may surround a very small minority of the flickr community.

    for me, the very best scene of so many great scenes in fellini's satyricon occurs when the roman crowd, disillusioned and jaded by the miserable barkeep in a little theater pub, in concert and with great style, exit his venue forever, consequently shutting it down.

    though i don't think it would solve any problems on flickr (the beast has already eaten itself several times), you might not be so upset by what promises to be a rough ride ahead for watchdogs.

    your photostream has been a great shared gift over the years. you've put a lot of work in, work that cannot be owned, cannot be measured, etc. i hope there is a good middle ground on this one.

    *edit* fully agree with retrosight.
  • LR_PTY 6y

    I guess you hit a nerve (again and again), and they had no argument against your criticism. Banning you only reaffirms your postings.
  • Wonderlane 6y

    This is a larger set of issues than one service such as Flickr can resolve.

    Corporations should respect individual opinions and listen to those very people who represent the best of what the corporation has to offer if for no other reason than that this is the USA and that's what we do. Communication is worth it.

    It doesn't mean they have to agree. They have polar opposite opinions offered all the time. It doesnt even mean one has to win.

    Grey is a lovely color, it goes with all other shades.

    Such institutions create problems when they close the door to communication and only want to play the Party Line Song.

    Doesnt matter who it is - Microsoft, Bank of America, Yahoo...

    The wording of that message is immature, and speaks volumes.

    Maria's idea is the counter offer that makes some sense. This is a larger set of issues than one service such as Flickr can resolve.
  • budwsfrog 6y

    Face it. Flickr is a shit company run by shitty people. Once Yahoo took over, it was downhill from there. The old Ludicorp version of Flickr would've embraced things that this flickr is removing "for the good of the public."

    I hate to say this, pal, because I know how much work you put in here, but it's time to move on. Seriously. This place just isn't any fun anymore.
  • bret konsdorf 6y

    wow. unbelievable. flickr wont be around much longer with behavior like this. yahoo and all its sites are getting less and less relevant.
  • Ivan Boden 6y

    retrosight Well said! Finally, a voice of reason! I do agree, despite my own personal distaste for TH's behavior. Although I don't know him and I'm sure he's a great person, I find his cocky attitude offensive.

    I'm not overly impressed with his photography, nor am I impressed with his narcisistic, self-serving agenda.

    I heard him speak on a podcast interview and he boasted about how he has earned lots of dollars from his photography, from being on Flickr. It was a good interview, and I enjoyed hearing what he had to say, but thought he may be less than truthful with some of his statements. Particulary about earning money from his photos, from being seen here on Flickr.

    I sent him a Flickr mail message, with some questions, and some compliments on some of the things he said, but he never responded.

    I found that to be an insult. First time ever, someone did not repsond to a Flickr message. So much for the "community" idea.

    Seems to me he owes the folks at Flickr, at least some gratitude, for putting him on the map. If it wasn't for Flickr, he'd would not have the recoginition or sales from his photos. His work is not that great, he just happens to do a lot of it.

    I don't agree with Flickr censoring, but I do agree that people should behave themselves while here, and be respectful.

    TH - are you listening?
  • Thomas Hawk 6y

    I sent him a Flickr mail message, with some questions, and some compliments on some of the things he said, but he never responded.

    I found that to be an insult. First time ever, someone did not repsond to a Flickr message. So much for the "community" idea.

    Muggle, I've been meaning to reply to your flickrmail but I've been backed up. You also originally flickrmailed me when I was on vacation. I get a lot of email and it takes a while to wade through it all. If it's any consolation I just logged onto Facebook for the first time this week in about a month and tried to get through some more of my email there over the course of the past few days (I'm down to 296 unread emails there now). I just checked here. I've got 982 flickr mails in my flickr mailbox to go through right now. Another 4,048 unread emails in my regular email box. It's not that I'm not responding to you, it's just that it takes me a while to get to everyone via one on one direct email.

    Sometimes when you email a stranger, it's not that they are ignoring you, they just might not have the time to get back to you immediately.

    For what it's worth I did personally invite you to DMU (the forum where I hang out on Flickr) after one of your "critiques" on my work. I'm much more active there than my email. And you can ask anyone in that forum that I'm very accessible there. You should come join DMU.

    I'm definitely listening though.
  • Ivan Boden 6y

    Thanks for responding! Ouch, that's a lot of emails. You are a popular guy, I see.

    Sure, I can be a tough critic, and will voice an opinion on a photo, now and then. Meant ONLY to be constructive, not personal. Sorry if I crossed the line, but honestly, you did seem to come across a bit cocky, and perhaps self-serving. Can't say I blame you though. It's nice to get recognition, I suppose.

    As for me, I'm a terrible photographer, here to learn. I like it when people tell me the truth about a bad shot I posted, and tell me what why. I do like encouragement to!

    I've been on Flickr only one year, and it's been a great experience, and I've made many friends, hopefully no enemies.

    I don't agree with unjust censorship though. I'm also not an expert on these occurances, so I cannot take any sides.

    Thanks for the invite to DMU. I will check it out.

    Glad you're listening!


    But, I'm hooked, and love this, just like you.
  • Thomas Hawk 6y

    Ivan, if you like tough criticism you'll enjoy DMU. In fact I think it would be perfect for you, given that tough criticism is both tolerated and encouraged there. That's part of why I invited you personally before.

    Also it's an uncensored forum, so you can start a thread about anything you want there and you'll never be censored by the admins. In fact if you wanted to start a thread about making money with your photos, I'm quite sure you'd not only find my input there about my own experience but the input from a lot others as well.
  • Troy 6y

    TH for Help Forum Admin !!!
  • Thomas Hawk 6y

    Muggles I see you've joined DMU. Come say hi in the thread that I started for you: www.flickr.com/groups/dmu2/discuss/72157622025427098/
  • Brent Disney 6y

    Bizarre that they want to take a shit on you, IMHO you're one of the superheros on this site, your stream was one of the firsts that popped out at me and made me say "WOW! I want to be that good when I grow up."

    Can't believe they would censor people when they freely let other people toss porn up on this site. Really sad.
  • Bob Davidson 6y

    This is very disconcerting to me. Who is next?
  • marc montebello 6y

    as someone quite used to this sort of thing (currently living in china), i can comfortably concur by saying this is yet another case of shooting one's entity in the foot. except this time it's not the 'CPC' but the 'CFP' (central flickr party).
    never warmed up to the fact this once-lovable service is now owned by these guys.. news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/4221538.stm
  • SF Lіghts 6y

    Thomas all you do is complain in the help forum, and even if you don't think they should have banned you, many of us really do. You don't provide anything helpful there and there are numerous times that all you've done is use it for a place to post your blog links for people to read them. Hell, the reason I got banned from there even makes less sense than why you did.
  • - PhotoSmith - 4y

    I'm curious: two years later, is it still "for the time being?"
  • Marc Evans 4y

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