21 Ice Cream Cones

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    1. volume12 ages ago | reply

      Sorry. It's ever so slightly slanted but enough to distract too much.

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    2. Sebastian-Lewis ages ago | reply

      A really arresting graphic image.

      Yes its boring, but its boring in the best possible way, and technically I can't find any great fault in it. I'm trying to see the slight slant that Volume12 is on about but it alludes me.

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    3. cecily7 ages ago | reply

      take one down, pass it around...

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    4. Kristina J. [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Technically fine, but on an emotional level, I feel all the emotion of the wallpaper. Sorry.

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    5. volume12 ages ago | reply

      That's OK, sebastian. I know you don't look too closely at the images ;-)

      Seriously though, open it up in photoshop and drop down those guidelines.

    6. hubertk ages ago | reply

      Perfect symetry - excellent job Thomas!

    7. Rahul Matthan ages ago | reply

      I really dont see the point of this or why anyone should think this photograph is halfway decent. No way is this getting into the safe.

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    8. Eris23 [forever oldskool] ages ago | reply

      I'm really in doubt if this one would even make it in the 21-Group...

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    9. sniffette ages ago | reply

      er....floating ice-cream cones...not sure what to say. If I were Roudy Bob I'd be pretty offended that this was the tribute I got.

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    10. cicatrix ages ago | reply

      It would make a cool background, but I'm not feelin it as the primary subject of a photo.

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    11. Spirit635 ages ago | reply

      Maybe if it sang a litle song, and the ice cream cones lit up different colors to the music... or not.

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    12. cyberinsekt ages ago | reply

      This is amazing. Not only did the window dresser think this was a really neat idea, so did the photographer. Who'd have thought it.

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    13. kafkan ages ago | reply

      Not enough interest for me here. No emotion in this shot.

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    14. Koffiemetkoek ages ago | reply

      Funny photo!

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    15. *L ages ago | reply

      Wayne Thiebaud

    16. P-nny ages ago | reply

      Love it! Your image gave me the biggest smile.

    17. noremmie ages ago | reply

      Was this Kate Spade?

    18. Thomas Hawk ages ago | reply

      Yep, Kate Spade.

    19. Valentina * Scattidigioia.com * 107 months ago | reply

      wonderful shot..!!!

      i'd like too if someone make a free pro account for me! ahahha! :))

    20. Capelight 69 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Soft Serve, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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