• Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir PRO 10y

    well framed , well timed, but the focus is off, as mentioned before.
  • Drew Streib 10y

    You saw a good opportunity for this shot, and took it. Great find!

    The focus detracts from what might otherwise be a more interesting look at the detail of the escalator and the subject at hand, however.

    Voted "deleteme8". (From Delete Me! group.)
  • Clive Aldenhoven PRO 10y

    Not sure why I like this. But a dodgy subject for us Londoners at the moment. Unfortunately it is on its way out.
    -voted as "saveme" (from Delete me! group)
  • Mike Thomas 10y

    Why did you crop out the part that was in focus?
    -voted as "deleteme" (from Delete me! group)
  • rottenbetsy 10y

    I'm going to make up a little song about focus, and why it is generally a good idea, and sing it while I delete every meaninglessly blurry shot I find.

    voted as "deleteme" (from Delete me! group)
  • identity chris is PRO 10y

    This is a really great shot which captures the movement of the left leg very well. It has a some grittiness in it too, which I like a lot.
  • Astrid. PRO 10y

    Well done! I like the colours, the composition and the simplicity. A fave.
  • sherIZAN 10y

    ... salute to your patience to capture this image ...
  • Alfriston Cottage 10y

    Geat shot!
    Love it!
  • Paul McDonald 10y

    hell yeah! a moment that no one thinks to capture but everyones been there! classic.
  • pedro motta 10y

    the colors the composition... it's all pointing high up!!


    maybe you could join this group and add this and other steps...
  • John Goldsmith 9y

    Superb, spectacular. The colours and sense of motion are wonderful. Nice composition too.
  • Andrew Ferguson 9y

    I really like this one, makes me realize that all the time i spend on transit (we have a bunch of escalators) isnt a total waste :P
  • Christian Felder 9y

    wow, this is so cool! well done!
  • Don 9y

    wonderful shot! wonder if you have to crouch down low to get this shot. :)

    i was just thinking maybe governments should seriously consider turning escalators into slides so that no one slips and falls. and it should be more fun that way. don't you think?

    here's my concept:
    THE 70 KUAI PHOTO: escalator waterfall. by theshanghaieye

  • Stox - Ideas Playground 9y

    « Near to the perfection » is a good summary for the « gorgeous » concept.

    ► You are invited to post this gorgeous photography in the
    ideas playground pool !!!
  • edp9 PRO 9y

    well framed. great eye
  • bulldog1 PRO 8y

    wonderful perspective
    Beauty is in the *EYE* of the Beholder
    Please add your Beautiful Photo to:
    Beauty is in the *Eye* of the Beholder!
  • Jessie 8y

    I definitely like this picture!
  • bom_de_ver 7y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Shoes Perspective, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

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