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Recently I blogged about a new project that I am starting called $2 portraits. The idea is that I will offer $2 to anyone who asks me for money from now on in exchange for their portrait.


I met Judy earlier this afternoon down by Union Square. She asked me if I could give her some money so that she could get a cup of coffee.


When I told Judy about my project at first she resisted just a little bit. Judy told me that I shouldn't waste my portraits on her. That she might break my camera and that I should try to get a portrait of someone beautiful. I told Judy that I thought she was beautiful and wanted to photograph her and not someone else. She laughed and agreed to pose for my project after this.


Judy had a nice friendly accent. She's originally from West Virginia. I asked Judy what she liked to do in her spare time and she told me that she likes music, art and sometimes listening to sports.


I asked Judy who her favorite artist was and she told me that I'd probably never heard of him, but Henry Clive. She said that Clive was a magazine illustrator and that he was a personal friend of hers. She said she met him in Hollywood where she was living years ago.


Judy said that she has never been married and has never had any children. She said she was just out there alone all by herself. Judy is the first woman that I've photographed for my project.


Update: Some people have asked me if it would be ok if they start their own version of this project as well. I think that is great and believe that frequently the best projects become collaborative. With that in mind I've created a new $2 Portraits group on Flickr. If you'd to, feel free to join the group and post your own $2 portraits there.

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Taken on July 14, 2008