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    Recently I blogged about a new project that I am starting called $2 portraits. The idea is that I will offer $2 to anyone who asks me for money from now on in exchange for their portrait.

    I met Richard last night around 11:30pm or so around the Pioneer Square area in Seattle. Richard asked me for 60 some odd cents. I told Richard about my $2 Portrait project and asked him if I could take his portrait for $2, he quickly agreed.

    Richard is orignially from Missouri. He has two kids, a son and a daughter both grown now.

    Update: Some people have asked me if it would be ok if they start their own version of this project as well. I think that is great and believe that frequently the best projects become collaborative. With that in mind I've created a new $2 Portraits group on Flickr. If you'd to, feel free to join the group and post your own $2 portraits there.

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    1. <wikd> 81 months ago | reply

      Great potrait

    2. Martin Gommel 81 months ago | reply

      Hehe, would love to see both eyes sharp but well, this oen was shot at 11:30 so 'twas pretty dark hm ? ;) Greetings !

    3. artolog 81 months ago | reply

      I like the concept.

    4. sidetracker 81 months ago | reply

      what a great trade out. you both get what you want, and its not really "begging" anymore, is it.

    5. undomestic 81 months ago | reply

      regarding your inspiration for this series...i am lucky to have learned this lesson a while back. i seldom give money to homeless for the simple fact that it rarely does any good. i KNOW that in Toronto, there are services that operate overnight to take care of the needs of these folks that actually gives them what they are claiming to be asking you for money for...anyhow...what I usually do give them is a few minutes of my time, if they ask for it. I find most people have an extreme intolerance for homeless, it is so easy to dehumanize them, in fact, it's so easy to dehumanize anyone you don't know. Then once you have done that, it's that much easier to ignore, disregard and fear a person.

      Once you know a little bit about a person, their story becomes part of you, part of who you are and your experience as a human being and I think this experience is something that people who photograph the world around them are lucky to experience as well.

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    6. François@Paris 81 months ago | reply

      I like your project

      good idea

    7. John Fraissinet 81 months ago | reply

      It's good to a have a policy that's reasonable. Very clever.

    8. Catch the dream 81 months ago | reply

      What a manifestation!

    9. Sam Scholes 81 months ago | reply

      But what can you get for $2 at the corner liquor store?!

    10. torbakhopper 81 months ago | reply

      i think you're mighty generous and kind

      i think the majority of these shots being males is fascinating (all, so far, actually)
      i wonder how the gender and ethnic ratios will change or stay the same over the next several years. there is a sense of randomness to your own process, but statistics are already starting to show up in a strangely predictable way

      also, this set kicks ass!

    11. Macro Diva 70 months ago | reply

      That is such a cool idea. I'd love to try something similar. Joining your $2 Portrait group right now.

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