Anti-Video Sentiment Among Flickr Users Growing

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With less than 24 hours behind Flickr's announcement yesterday of adding video to their service, the early sentiment from existing Flickr users appears to be largely negative.


A new group started on Flickr called NO VIDEO ON FLICKR!!! has already seen over 3,000 Flickr members join the group. The group already has a petition going with over 900 users signing a petition opposing video on Flickr. The petition language is below.


"We the undersigned members of Flickr, free and pro, agree that video has no place on Flickr. Other sites on the web accept video already, but do not accept photos. We all joined Flickr because of it's dedication to photography and photographers, and we want Flickr to remain true to this dedication. It is our request that this feature and addition to Flickr be removed."


If you agree with this statement, type /signed followed by your username/full name in a reply to this thread."


While there are some advocates for video and some Flickr defenders in the official feedback forum on Flickr Video, here too the comments by many of Flickr's most active users are largely negative.


Some typical comments from the Flickr Help Forum:

Richard Carter: "It's frankly disgraceful that you have not allowed users the option of saying (by default) "I don't want to see videos". Especially in search results.


I know you've invested too much in this awful feature to turn it off, but PLEASE MAKE IT GO AWAY!! "


fofurasfelinas: "I just HATE having videos on flickr.

Flickr is a place for PHOTOS.

We pay for a photo service, if I want to see videos, I go to youtube.


I think Flickr is getting heavier everyday, and videos are going to make the connection busier." "Wow...check out all of the sentiment against this!!!! I too am opposed to video on least the Flickr that we currently know and usually love. While I acknowledge that many people use Flickr as a depository for their snapshots, many of us are here to improve our art. We are photographers! I also acknowledge that videography is an art....but give them their own space and don't muddy our waters!"


dadodedos: "Sorry, but i'm angry for this last news.......

I think this is a really bad move for Flickr, why video ??? there's a lot of sites that you can put video.......Please !! This is a photo site !!!

Put your video on youtube or others......










Fighting the criticism in the official help forum mostly seems to be being done by long-term Flickr member Striatic and Flickr Community Manager Heather Champ.


It will be interesting to see if the anti-video sentiment on Flickr continues to grow and gain momentum and if Flickr will actually take action on its community's largely negative reaction to the service thus far.


About a year ago Flickr made a decision to cap Flickr contacts at 3,000 for users. After a lot of protesting from Flickr users over this decision Flickr reversed their decision and allowed unlimited reciprocal contacts.


Personally I don't see Flickr reversing their decision on adding video to the site. Video is a fast growing service on the web and certainly Yahoo wants a piece of this pie. With the huge user base that Flickr represents, the opportunity to promote video to this group from a dollars/cents standpoint probably means more to Yahoo! than how a small but vocal group of hardcore Flickr photographers feel about the service.


What's more, prior to their Yahoo takeover announcement, Microsoft had indicated that they would be launching a photo/video combo site to compete with Flickr. If/when Microsoft takes over Flickr, I would assume that they would rather the site contain both video and photos rather than a photo only site.


Perhaps the simplest answer in the short-term for Flickr would be to offer filtering technology to filter video out of your Flickr experience. They already have filtering technology that allows users to opt out of seeing screenshot images, for instance, on Flickr. They also have filtering technology allowing people to opt out of adult content on Flickr. By creating an option to allow users to opt out of video on Flickr this would alleviate some of the concern from some of the early critics of this service.


On the other hand, if too many people opted out of the video experience on Flickr, it might lose momentum and not achieve the success that promoting it to the entire Flickrverse might have.

  • G. Ruiz 7y

    No videos on Flickr!!

    First Microsoft, now this!? C'mon!!

    Flickr is NOT Youtube

    Digg this bad news!
  • @notnixon 7y

    Video fits in nicely so far. I'll be making use of it. The 90 sec limit and pro only restriction ensures that Flickr won't turn into YouTube.

    People are complaining even though it hasn't become an issue.

    Everybody loves a bandwagon.
  • Saskia 7y

    One more step closer to Flickr becoming like any other website...
  • Jason 7y

    Heh, my daughter agrees!
    My daughter has spoken...
  • Florin C 7y

    With the recent drops in views and comments over the last months, who cares about barely get hits! By not renewing pro accounts, perhaps they may feel something, but they'll do whatever the hell they want.
  • Mike Warot 7y

    I think it's very nice to be able to put a video about making my synthetic focus photos in same set with the photos in question It'll make commenting and things a lot easer.

    I understand we don't want this becoming another vast wasteland of youtube pirated videos, and I think the 90 second rule will do most of that work for us.

    I like the videos, and I think they should stay. It's just going to take some getting used to, is all.

  • Carlo Natale 7y

    I my opinion the photography can really represent a shape of art expression and not simply a technical process. In Flickr we have many examples of authors who realize with technical means true art works. I think that something of similar can be obtained also with a video but the two "artistic products", even if artistic, are however extremely different and it is inopportune to accommodate them in the same atmosphere. Why not launch a new site with the same characteristics (evidently winning on the economic plan) of Flickr that could call VideoFlickr or something of similar? I suspect the actual operation reflect a precise economic calculation fruit exclusive of the concept "business is business”.

    Friends, we express our disappointment and dissent but I fear some thousand "Not Video!" will not serve to change mind to who has sure already calculated the economic advantages. I hope myself to make a mistake.
  • Jason 7y

    Article and group now on CNET! Great article and post again Thomas!
  • Seldon72 7y

    No video on flickr
  • jon madison 7y

    "the early sentiment from existing Flickr users appears to be largely negative"

    i'd think you'd know better than to simplify things like this

    as if you don't know how these things go

    the ones with big mouths of course will get up in arms.

    personally -- i think those who are anti video are being silly and reactionary

    let's ban digital photography. and all these illustrations with their "no flickr video" handwaving.

    i'll do my part and mark them as non-photos each time i come across them.

  • John Pettit 7y

    i agree with you jon...
    the anti-video crowd should be tagging their protest images as non-photos, thereby living up to their demanded standard of flickr.

    the whole thing is silly. if you don't like the video feature no one is forcing you to post one. if your contacts are all posting videos that look like youtube ripoffs, then maybe they shouldn't be your contact?!? the flickr universe is already full of photos and images that i have no interest in looking is video any different? don't like, don't look at it.
  • BellaGaia 7y

    if it doesn't effect the site's performance, i really don't care -- I'll still be here for photos (i've weathered the Yahoo transition and the labeling of my account unsafe -- it's a great community here) and I'll still use my youtube account for videos (which are few and far between)..... do we really need another way to waste our time.... go outside.... spend some time in the sun....

    if you don't like the videos, don't look at them -- that's freedom....
  • Мaistora 7y

    I don't feel 'threatened' by videos but if allowed to freely mix (and not isolated as a totally separate option / subsite at the very start of a navigation tree) will significantly dilute the value most true flickerites receive here, which will drive many of us away from the platform.

    And away we will go together, in numbers - because you can't destroy communities, only the platforms where they used to meet. Potential shot-in-the-foot for Yahoo, showing they don't 'get' 2.0 at all.

    (I never expected Microsoft to be 'getting it', but am disappointed about Yahoo).
  • torbakhopper 7y

    okay, so i got some scoop:

    this one is for all of you who have little ideas about how corporate warfare works, so go check it out

    and, on the topic of increasing hand-held surveillance, i think it would do a lot of people a lot of good to understand that any push that increases the use of video surveillance attention is a benefit to policing activities and also privacy losses -- all of these are direct and anti-patriotic strategies for corporate takeover of national identities. so if any of you really actually give a shit about your national identity, take some time to educate yourselves!!! this isn't about entertainment

    sure, one can say that 25$ a year is the issue, but at a deeper level, as corporations compete for your buying dollar, oops, i mean CREDIT, these issues are so much further beyond your little "fee" for storing photos and now videos

    i guess americans aren't just fat, medicated and naive these days, they're just plain ignorant of what is happening to their "country". and they obviously don't understand the dark underbelly of illegal sales, tax evasion and illicit pornography that is hidden by fake privacy options on sites like flickr. but hey, most americans only know the phrase "patriot act" and have never bothered to read the damn thing...
  • Automatt 7y

  • newsact1 7y

    Εσείς θέλετε βιντεο στο Flickr;
  • MM 7y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called we say YES and NO to video!, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • Mark Doherty 7y

  • Σταύρος 5y

    If i may say, PLEASE give people a choice. And thank you flickr for doing so !
    23,000 plus views and over 300 faves just this video,some people obviously like videos.....;)

    Mykonos is for lovers ! by Σταύρος

    Video / Liberty Belle B-17 , in flight. by Σταύρος
  • John Muthusi 3y

    no comment at all
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