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Things I have bought that Patton Oswalt mentions on his cds. This whole thing started as a lark when a friend introduced me to Patton's first cd, and we laughed like drunken idiots until we cried. There's a part of the album where Patton talks about Robert Evans' autobiography, and he says "if you can find the book on tape, GET IT." So I thought I would try to do just that, and get it for Jackson for Christmas. Well, once I got that, I started thinking about Stella D'Oro Breakfast Treats and all the other items Patton mentions, and thought about how funny it would be to get them all, then sit down with Jackson and listen to Patton's album, handing each item to him as it was mentioned. So we did just that, and it was hilarious.

Anyway, Patton saw the photos, got in contact with me, and I've continued doing them for each album since.