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day 365 | by aikithereska
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day 365

If it had been a different year, this would be my last image for the 365 group. As it is, it’s a leap year, so I have one more to go. That being said, I’ll write my final thoughts for this exercise with this picture (tomorrow is Julian’s birthday, and I’m bound to be busy and not inclined to write anything of significance here).


As you might see, I’m ready to go. But it’s not a leaving behind, it’s a going towards kind of go. It’s like, when you’ve packed just about all your bags for an adventure, but you still need to get some sleep, but you know you’re just NOT going to sleep and in your head you’re already on your way...yeah, it’s kind of like that. It’s been fun and interesting...sometimes enlightening and sometimes frustrating...but I think it’s served its purpose, even if I’m not quite sure what that purpose is. I started out with some semi-specific goals...and while I’m not sure I’ve succeeded regarding those, there are other ways in which the year has been a time of growth and deepening.


This past year...I’ve lost my dad. I’ve healed and injured and am starting once more on the path to healing (but, in reality, this is an ongoing process). I’ve had new ideas and acted on them, creating in ways I’ve not created before. I’ve been rejected and accepted. I’ve loved and been loved and maybe in some cases lost love. I’ve been witness to and part of an historic presidential election. I’ve seen the economy tank, but am rich beyond measure in friends and family and a sense of what lies beneath all the hubbub that *seems* important. I am still here, with opportunity and potential within my grasp. My last year under half century has been intense...but I think that *rich* is a more accurate descriptive for it.


Thanks to everyone who has been interested and commented and offered thoughts. I’m grateful for your words and your caring...I’m delighted if anything I’ve written or illustrated has resonated with you, for it’s the connection to others and to all that’s around me that gives my life meaning.

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Taken on January 2, 2009