Burning man lego set

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    This is like no Lego set you've ever seen. Created in New York by @simonpearcelive and @maryelisechavez. Click the "+" button at the top for hi res options.

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    1. ClarisaClarity 38 months ago | reply

      You have the age range wrong. My kids started going to the playa at ages 7 and 4.

    2. sayethdog 38 months ago | reply

      Love it. 'cept my Lego's keep melting. What am I doing wrong?

    3. migmontano 38 months ago | reply

      I'm cracking up :) I still believe Burning Man is in every one of us, every day. Oh, the places I'll go if I don't go this year, but I still believe somehow the Universe will put me back into the playa :D

    4. Simon Pearce 38 months ago | reply

      Clarisa. The age range is for the Theme Camp "Spacecats", which accepts campers over 18 only. This is mostly due to our nervousness about the wellbeing of children in our annual "Adventures of Dutchie on the Sea of Rebar" art installation. Day visits are encouraged but we find that, after dark, the potential for serious injury is just too much to bear. Thanks for your patience while we work this out...

    5. Imagine™ 38 months ago | reply

      So awesome... the minifigs are perfect. Sending the link to all the burners my mom knows.

    6. Simon Pearce 38 months ago | reply

      Jeff. I miss you too. Glad you liked this.

    7. Simon Pearce 38 months ago | reply

      Tell your Mom I said hi

    8. Simon Pearce 38 months ago | reply

      We're working on an upgrade that will allow actual fire. For now you'll all have to be content with those little plastic Lego flames.

    9. racheltru 38 months ago | reply

      They're wearing far too much clothing.

    10. Maczs 38 months ago | reply

      How can there be that many characters in that Lego set, there aren't enough tickets!

    11. avitechwriter 38 months ago | reply

      Hey, put this up as a project on lego.cuusoo.com If you garner 10,000 supporters it could be an official LEGO set!

    12. Simon Pearce 38 months ago | reply

      Thanks Avit. Glad you like it. Normally I would say it's a great idea, but not for this particular set. Burning Man is a logo-free zone (except for the burning man logo), so I can wrap my head around a Lego "spoof" related to Burning Man, but not an actual Lego product. That changes this thing from being for fun and love to being about money, and in this particular case, we don't want it to be about money.

      Some people have been commenting that this is already a sell-out (whatever that means). We don't believe it's a sell-out because nothing is being sold: it's just a bit of free fun and levity in your day, which we felt the community needs right now. We may end up creating just one physical set at home ourselves and putting into some sort of charity auction, but I can't imagine doing much more than that.

    13. BootyCollins42 38 months ago | reply

      Funny, but where's The Man!?
      I love the smell of burning plastic in the morning.

    14. fallentomato 38 months ago | reply

      You should submit this to LEGO Cuusoo, I'm sure the burning man community could get it 10,000 votes

    15. odzer 38 months ago | reply

      am i missing something- trying to see it in higher resolution....awesome already, though!

    16. mind∞manifesting 38 months ago | reply

      Awesome........................ :O

    17. tfelts11 38 months ago | reply

      Love it... so do you think there will be a whole camp made out of legos?

    18. siberfi 38 months ago | reply


    19. thor_spacevikings 37 months ago | reply

      This is really cool

    20. serendipidust 33 months ago | reply

      Where is the Shirtcocker ? Can't have a complete set without him .

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