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Gecko anatomy

Our cats kill any gecko unfortunate enough to wander into our house - not out of malice, but simply because they pounce on it and play with it until the poor things invariably die, to be discovered by us a few months later, tucked under some rug, dried up and dessicated.


As result of this, my wife and I make every effort to capture and relocate geckos that wander it. By "capture", I mean me standing on a ladder with a tupperware container trying to corner a terrified gecko up on the ceiling. By "relocate", I mean me taking the gecko out and letting him go on the wall in the corridor, near a nice ceiling light where he can feast on insects that congregate there - and hopefully not come back into our apartment!


After I caught this little fellow, I thought I should take the opportunity to photograph him. My wife helped me hold him up against the light, on a piece of glass, and I took the photo from below. He's so tiny (only about 2 inches in real life) you can see right through him - lungs, vertabrae, and what sees to be a gut full of semi-digested insect

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Taken on October 19, 2005