The Anatomy of Obamacare (What's Not To Like?)

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    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare” or ACA) has been widely discussed and debated, but remains widely misunderstood. Many core provisions of the law are viewed favorably by the public, except the individual mandate — the most critical piece, without which the plan cannot survive.

    Our latest infographic examines the anatomy of this phenomena and asks why 66% of the public views the individual mandate unfavorably when it will affect less than 6%.

    1. Maxyim 33 months ago | reply

      You may want to update this chart with a big thumbs-down for the fact that all new taxes on the American people must originate in the House of Representatives.

      Also, it's an economic fact that most small businesses are already planning to shut down, reorganize, and /or basically do everything they can to avoid being subjected to the minimum threshold because of the huge added cost during a still crappy economy; another clear thumbs-down for you.

      Oh, and if you people like all of this stuff so much, care to explain why every single government entity and most of the Fortune 500 have obtained EXEMPTIONS from it?? Hell, you probably have an exemption from it. Thumbs-down that sucka.

      By the way, isn't Obamacare a 2700-page law? That's a lot of stuff. Have you read all of it? You are so confident with your spin on breaking it down into these 12 cutesy, simplistic and (mostly) warm and friendly terms? That reminds me, remember when Pelosi told us that we had to pass the law in order to read it? I didn't like that much, did you?

      All-in-all, thank you for producing yet another highly partisan analysis of the issue; frankly not quite sure why you even bothered... Also, what's with the name Third Way? Everyone knows that the Progressive Party is the left-wing side of the Democratic Party, and is very far-removed from any sort of center.

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