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Matteo, The Immortal Flame | by Mana Ramp Matoran
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Matteo, The Immortal Flame

Here he is, the original Bionicle Plague Doctor! Back with version 5.0


You can view older versions of Matteo in his Flickr gallery.


List of updates

Matteo got new sleeves in black, to make his coat more cohesive. This is also to bring him more in line with a lot of the artwork of him. His lower arms also were revisited. His blades now attach on differently.


I smoothed out his torso. Its now mostly dark red with the exception for the chest. Like in the artwork Hashiara did, its supposed to be an embroidered waistcoat.


He has a new belt. I didn't like Matteo's old belt, it was cumbersome and weird, plus Lego made this new zipline part in gold. This one is modeled more after medieval belts where the slack draped down past the buckle(think Game of Thrones belts).


I removed the tasset from his waist. It was a little unnecessary and cluttered up the overall look. I initially added it to splash more red in, but I decided I didn't like it.

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Taken on March 12, 2019