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Bionicle MOC: Maristela The Astral-Mage | by Mana Ramp Matoran
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Bionicle MOC: Maristela The Astral-Mage

About The MOC

Maristela is a MOC I found inspiration to build while working on my last MOC, Kalikiki. It first started with the Roof Element that I had got two pairs of from Bricks By The Bay this year. I stuck two together and had that classic "what can I do with this" moment. Then I realized that it could be a dress or a skirt. Then the other two could be sleeves. From here I fleshed out the idea and came up with the idea to use trans light blue for her hair since I had an abundance of it thanks to LUGbulk. I wasn't hurting for purple either.


Overall I'm very happy with this build. I will even go as far as to say that this is the best thing I've built all year! My only real gripe with the MOC is some coloring issues(less grays, and a few parts to be tan) and that I couldn't find a subtler way to stabilize her ankles better. Seeing as how there are no clutches on the underside of the peak of the roof elements, figuring out how to attach her legs proved an interesting challenge, as did managing all that hair. Lol


I would also like to mention Pate-keetongu Eero and GoldenArpeggio Lianyu. Both MOCers have had a big influence on me. Both of them can build wonderfully beautiful female MOCs and I feel that this is a culmination of their influences and my style. So I would like to personally say thank you to both of you for all the amazing MOCs you've made over the years and inspiring me to finally create my own pretty lady. :3



Maristela is a Mage who specializes in Astral abilities. Meaning that she draws her powers from celestial bodies and the vast heavens. Because of this, her hair is constantly shimmering and sparkling. When she channels her power, these effects become more intense and beautiful starfields can be seen within the silhouette of her hair. Because she draws on the heavens for power, she can draw on practically infinite power. Her one true weakness is celestial alignments this also creates vast fluctuations in the power that she can draw upon. Some celestial bodies grant her more power than others, so when these more powerful bodies are out of alignment she is blocked from them.


Because her powers rely so heavily on the heavens, she is an avid Astronomer, and can pretty much tell you the location of any planet and many major stars in the galaxy. She can also tell you your horoscope(She's a Gemini if you're curious). :D

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Taken on November 5, 2014