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Lego MOC: Saxum | by Mana Ramp Matoran
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Lego MOC: Saxum

About The MOC

Saxum is one of those projects that got out of hand for me, not in a bad way though. He started off wth me wanting to build a revamp of Bruizer but started to take its own shape early on in the process. He's also a bit of a realization of an idea I've had for a while. My original concept of a "rock Monster" was a creature with an amorphous shape that could absorb things, other forms of earth or even machinery. Not an original concept I know but the concept allowed for an interesting ideal for the MOC. The MOC iteration would be this creature when it had torn off the boom of a crane and is using it as an extendable arm. The idea was to counter technic looking machinery with natural looking stone. I plan to create this MOC eventually, but for now, we have Saxum. :meow:

I decided to build this MOC to try and get some practice in texturing with system parts. Luckily I got a good many "cheese" parts in olive from a Pick-A-Brick cup so this allowed me to try and do a simple Mossy stone look. I also tried to give him a sense of erosion on the parts of the build that were brick built and not just the preformed rock pieces I used to make his torso and front of the legs. Though I did try to mimic the look of those parts in the arms and head a bit.

The name Saxum come s from the Latin word for "stone."


I built Saxum over a three day period with one full day of MOCing that covered the bulk(no pun intended) of the MOC, and two lighter days to complete the build and then finish it off. Overall he's a fairly stable build. He's easy enough to pose, especially the arms. The legs are a bit touchy but as you can see I can get him in some decent poses. He's pretty flexible despite the bulkiness. The use of Hero Factory extenders keeps most of the joints in his legs rigid enough to hold him up. The weakest point in his legs would be his ankles that don't use any extenders, but has a short actuator system in place. Once balanced he's stable though.


I've discovered Snip has a superpower, he has the ability to charm any living creature, even otherwise hostile ones. Nothing wants to hurt him, not even Bionicle MOCkery Matteo. :XD: I confess that the idea of Saxum giving snip flowers came from the Iron Golems from :iconminecraftplz: Still adorable as hell though.


For Saxum's Bio you can read it on his Deviation Page on Deviantart.

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Taken on October 18, 2013