SNEAK PEEK: Brett Amory 'The Waiting Room' - June 2010 project room
Brett Amory
'The Waiting Room'

June 11th - July 2nd

Opening Reception: Fri, June 11th 7-10PM

Artist Statement on 'The Waiting Room':
The painting series entitled “Waiting” depicts the urban individual's yearning for presence and the seeming impossibility of attaining it. The paintings portray commuters on urban transit--a quintessential waiting experience--as immersed in either a quiet, even hopeful state or, alternately, an anguish of unfulfilled anticipation.

At first, the series, begun in 2001, depicted travelers waiting underground. But as the paintings evolved, the travelers emerged into above-ground waiting stations--an evolution from darkness to light. Although the experience of waiting remains, the perception of it has changed from one of mundane task to one leavened with transcendence.

The series is also a record of my evolution as an artist--charting an improved grasp of drawing and composition--the importance of the function of elimination in paring down the image to its essence.

Lastly, I have developed favored motifs in the series, a kind of visual music, such as repetition of a human image, to show not only the passage of time but of the human being through it.

6009 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
Wed-Sat 1-6PM
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