SNEAK PEEK: Armsrock & Imminent Disaster

Featuring new works and an installation from Armsrock & Imminent Disaster

March 12th - April 2nd @ Thinkspace

Opening Reception: Fri, March 12th 7-11PM

*Last show at our current location - please come out and help us celebrate over 4 great years in Silver Lake before we make the jump to Culver City this April!!!

"Refuge is the forced necessity of societies in collapse. It begins with people in motion, moving away from circumstances that are barren or perilous, that are unable to sustain their life or are actively seeking to end it. Refuge carries with it the transience of being in between one home and another; it is a liminal space, its structures are built to be packed away with ease; it momentarily rebuilds community while acknowledging the fragility of its permanence. This idea of Refuge grounded in the local presence of Tent Cities in Southern California will be the basis of the upcoming collaborative installation between Armsrock and Imminent Disaster."

From Armsrock concerning the image being used in the marketing for the exhibition:

"The idea of “refuge” / refugees is just as much an allegorical one, as it is something that relates directly to the current situation in California. I picked out the image because I thought that it illustrated well the fragile and temporary nature of any refuge. And somehow becomes allegorical for that we are all stuck in the same boat, which seems to be sinking. We are going to be approaching the subject from various directions. I have been making something about tent cities and something about the consequences of globalisation and neo-colonialism. So the image should be more of an allegory than any real attempt of illustrating the theme of the show. I think it is good idea using a foreign newspaper (in this case danish), because that way we keep people focused on the imagery, which should speak for itself." - Armsrock
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