SNEAK PEEK: Red Forest by Johnny "KMNDZ" Rodriguez & Ekundayo
Thinkspace Gallery is proud to present Red Forest. This exhibition will feature new paintings, drawings and installation based works from Los Angeles, CA area based artists Ekundayo and Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez in their first two-person exhibition together, following very well received solo shows from both at our gallery.

The Red Forest is considered to be the most radioactive place on earth. Like a horrific folk tale come true, a Ukrainian nuclear power plant combusted and now children are born with limbs four times their normal size and indigenous birds walk with 3 legs. In their new exhibition at Thinkspace, painters Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez and Ekundayo comment on the ever changing relationship of man vs. his vices. Drawing comparisons between the nuclear effect on the Red Forest and the effect of decadence upon man, the array of American delicacies of cocaine/beer/drugs/debauchery are strong in Los Angeles, with lust, hate & greed running rampant throughout. It is the vice of the green goo (a common theme running through the exhibition) which serves as a visual metaphor to one's own internal power plant, with the potential of eventually combusting and morphing an individual into their own private monster.

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