SNEAK PEEK: "Karmic Magic" | "Departing Flights"
Thinkspace Gallery is proud to present Karmic Magic. This exhibition will feature new paintings and drawings from Las Vegas based artist Amy Sol in her first solo exhibition with our gallery.

Imaginary furry animals and floral patterns emerge from the grains found on the panels of wood that line the walls of Amy Sol's Las Vegas studio. They become companions to the breathtakingly soft and sweet female characters that inhabit her work.

Alone in her studio, Sol finds herself in a meditative state. Her paintings are like willfully obscure abstract fables in which she pairs images that she likes with personal ideas about the characters she creates. This visual vocabulary is the backbone to Sol's unique brand of storytelling which she refers to as "muted allegories".

19th and 20th century folk-tale illustrations, a life-long adoration of manga comics, and an independent drive and spirit has helped shape her aesthetic; a signature style that comes together with layers of flat monochromatic colors that create spatial illusions on untreated wooden surfaces. Sol begins each work by sketching preliminary ideas and follows up with more detailed studies.

The images themselves often involve outdoor settings with female characters waiting in limbo, hoping to find solutions in the solitude of Sol's soft and safe compositions. Colors are chosen to reflect the mood of the paintings. Her process is a perfect mix of creative energy and technical ability.

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