SNEAK PEEK: "Dreamcatcher" by Kukula
"In the past, whenever I began working on a show, I tried to capture an emotion that was generated by some important experience in my life. I tried to document the feeling, not the event. This time I am attempting to catch emotional currents with no evident experiential origin. Whereas my past paintings represented the nightmare feeling of real life, here I want to depict the emotional utopia one tries to keep sheltered within.

The delicate web of the dreamcatcher filters out the bad dreams, while the feathers hanging below allow the good ones to flow freely. In this sense I used an imaginary dreamcatcher to block the fears learned from experience, which allowed me a clearer view of that sheltered core. What I am after is not some psychedelic fantasy, but an innerness that has not been scarred by the unending pushing and shoving of real life. In such a place my girls can be whole and unhurt.

Not being an American, native or otherwise, the dreamcatcher to me represents not so much a particular tradition, as a point of departure. Its metaphorical possibilities, as with other objects, are what have inspired me." - KuKula
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