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Arachnophobia | by Beyond.the.Box
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I know I know!!! Me too! Creepy, hairy, jumpy, 8-legged creatures aren't my thing at all! In fact, I am petrified of spiders..don't like them..scream like I am being murdered when I see them..the whole nine yards.


Admittedly though the only two times I ever confront a spider are when either of my kids come looking for me to squash one in their rooms and if I find my dear sweet pooch is trying to fend on e off from getting to me..I will aid in its demise in fear she will eat it..which she has on many occasion.


On my nightly stroll with the pup tonight she finally and reluctantly let us go along a different path..kicking and screaming but..we were able to see different things..There were many wild flowers along the woods and I attempted to get some many as the dog would allow without pulling me away literally. At the end of our trek I noticed a grouping of these pretty flowers..about three stalks I jumped on in..and to my great surprise and utter shock..I saw this in front of me..mind you I was bent down in position with lens ready..Normal reaction would be to run for the hills screaming a very high pitched noise all the way home..and at the same time feverishly swiping and swatting at my clothes for all of the imaginary spiders I think have jumped upon me..


Something in me made me stop..probably fear..froze me right in place..but I decided..well I was already ready so what the heck..I planned to take one very quick shot and then run..but actually I took three and one was quite close up..I felt so brave and proud..until that is..I arrived in my front yard and freaked out at a long piece of grass tickling up my leg..I had thought for sure the spider hopped on me somewhere and was getting his vengeance..If my neighbors did not think I was totally insane before..well..yup..they sure do now!

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Taken on August 6, 2009