In August 2013 I set off to Siem Reap in Cambodia to volunteer at a small school called Jimmy's Village School. I brought over 35 pre-loved digital cameras that were generously donated by my friends and family in Australia. In addition to giving them cameras, I delivered some basic photography lessons and organised a flashmob performance for the last week where they danced on the streets in town, acquiring $150 in donations for their school which they'll be using to buy musical instruments.

Here's the result of the flashmob on Vimeo:

During the two week stint, we had the privilege of visiting two villages. The first was Prey Duong Herm where Jimmy is looking to start up a second school. The second was a rural village called Banteay Oum Pel, only accessible via ox cart. The community of 100+ people gathered that day as we distributed clothing, medical and food supplies to each family. I was also lucky enough to meet a monk by the name of Prak, who upon seeing the photo I had taken of him, requested a printed version to hang up on the wall of his pagoda.

Jimmy's school is just one of many that operate in Cambodia, each with an aim to deliver free education to children in safe environments. With some internet searching you can find a number of independent organisation that need donations, resources and teachers.

One dollar goes a long way, but teaching them a skill goes much further and has the potential to bring income to a family in need.

A few sites worth a mention:

WATSI: allows people in 3rd world countries to raise funds for much need medical treatment (

KIVA: Gives you the opportunity to loan money to people in 3rd world countries for business start ups and projects. Brilliant idea! (

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