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Frank Miller's Batman The Dark Knight Returns | by Thorny Inc.
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Frank Miller's Batman The Dark Knight Returns

Way before 300 and Sin City, legendary comics creator Frank Miller did a little book some of you MAY have heard of called The Dark Knight Returns. I remember being a little kid and getting my hands on this book. At that time I had never seen a prestiege format book ( square-bound comic book with a cardstock cover) There was no adds and a mature audience warning. THIS was a Batman I never even could have imagined told in a story that went way beyond the comic media. It was the first time someone took a legendary comic book character and wrote a story aimed at adults on such a layered intense level no one at the time I guess realised what was just created. This WAS the story that changed Batman from the 60's jokey tongue and cheek superhero to the dark, mean and tormented avenger. Frank Miller's two Batman stories (Dark Knight Returns and Batman: year one) are consistently ranked the best two Batman stories ever written. They also gave birth to all the dark stories and movies that came afterwards.


To put into perspective how incredible this story (created in 1986) truly is, Time chose the collected four-issues as one of the 10 best English language graphic novels ever written. That's EVER written.


So DC has decided to finally give it's legions of fans an adaptation of this book as a 4 hour animated movie. The first part just came out and the second comes out in 2013.


It is in my opinion THE BEST Batman adaption ever done, live action or animated.



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Taken on November 16, 2007