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Day: 99/365 (29 Stories Of Mine: Episode #4: First Timing Together) | by The Taste of Waste
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Day: 99/365 (29 Stories Of Mine: Episode #4: First Timing Together)

Day 99,


Alright, alright, cool out let me explain.


Substances = a very long part of my life, a part that I think has taken quite the backseat I might add, but, it was there, and that’s what these days are for. For sharing my life, right?


I remember the day SO vividly, save for a few details of course, but, can you blame me, it was over a decade ago! This day was the first time that I tried all of the basic things that your mom, and pop’s warn you not to get mixed up with. Alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs, well, if you consider marijuana a drug, but that’s neither here nor there.


It was a crisp, beautifully sunny day up in Haliburton, Ontario, where my mom and grandfather had a trailer together. We used to go there every now and again, and it was always such a nice getaway from the city, even though at the time, I hated getting there. The drive was about three to three and a half hours, and that was always the worst part, absolutely every time. Even though I knew how much I enjoyed being up there, I could never psyche myself in to enjoying that ride, not one bit.


This was the first time I had taken my new best friend (who I think I will choose to keep nameless, I don’t why, but I am going to choose that, shit, let’s call him Dante, namelessness is the worst) up to the trailer and he didn’t seem to be too geeked about the car ride, or going at all. I told him that it was cool, the ride sucked, but once we were there, everything would be fine.


Hours and hours and hours later we finally arrived, and, I think it was dark, so the day was awash, but we still enjoyed the outdoors, bug sprayed up and everything, relaxing by the fire pit.


Sleep came quick, but getting to sleep did not. See, my grandfather can snore like it’s no one’s business, and I’ll be damned if he didn’t shake the trailer the night. Tossing and turning, and giggling at every new snore, we eventually fell asleep to the rustling of my grandpa’s nostrils.


A new day, the first day in which I could show Dante all of the wonderful things about being up in the middle of no where! We set out on an early mission: frog catching. For some reason, during that particular year there were an abundance of little frog’s and toads everywhere. We took a good long portion of the day gathering these little son’s of bitches in to a giant white pale. I think the number was something like 75 frogs that we caught, with one of them being this (in comparison really) HUGE toad. We set ‘em all free, except for him, that guy we kept with us on the rest of our weekend, or was it a week…hmmm, detail gone.


After the frog expedition we journeyed out on the lake in our boat and did some fishing. As a side bar here; I miss fishing quite dearly. It was my absolute favourite thing to do when I went up to the trailer, and I just remember good times, after good times. I tell myself every summer that I’m going to pick up a rod, reel, hooks, and line and head out for some fishing but it never seems to happen.


Anyways, we went out for a little fishing cruise, I can’t remember if we caught anything, but at this point, it was just a time filler.


At this point I remember being REALLY bored, because, I’ll be honest, when you’re a city kid, the wilderness only keeps your attention for so long, especially at eleven years old, so, Dante had an idea, and some equipment to follow up that idea with.


We walked back to the spot where we found the big toad earlier, I remember being nervous, because I had no idea what he had. What a dick for not telling me ahead of time eh guys? Nah, I’m just playing, I’m happy he didn’t, the suspense was frightfully entertaining. What he had was a can of beer, two cigarettes, and a joint. Firstly, let me just state that the can of beer was wrapped in his shirt, which was on his body, which he hid at the side of himself…not very evasive, I know, but when you’re a kid, your friggin’ invincible.


I remember being really like, half shocked. Dante lived in the projects, and I was heavy in to Tupac, and at the time, it just seemed like that was what I was supposed to be doing you know? Do you? Did anyone else go down this kind of road when they were mad young?


We cracked the brew, and it was something like Bud Light, or Coors Light, one of those light beers, and it tasted awful, as a matter of fact, it completely soured me off of beer for a long ass time. I don’t think I had my first official beer drunk until I was sixteen or seventeen, I was a liquor man because of those few sips. Beer and me now though, we’re tight, don’t worry. After the brew he brought out the joint. Now this one was the one that frightened me most. I remember taking tokes, and hacking my lungs out, and that’s about it. I don’t really remember if I got high or not, because, I didn’t really have a frame of reference I guess, plus the fact that I just finished like A HALF OF A BEER! I think we snuffed it mid way due to the fact that the parentals were still not that far away, and smelling was an issue. Next came the cigarettes (which are easily the most regrettable thing I’ve ever put in to my body, yuck). Once again, hacked my brains out, but this time it was easier, I had gotten a small amount of practice from the joint, so I kind of had an idea of what I was doing. That and the fact that I had seen about a thousand cigarettes smoked by other people in my lifetime.


Sadly, cigarettes were the one that stuck. Weed was too hard to find when we were young, so it was like the official treat. Beer, as I said before grossed me out, and I didn’t really have a concept of liquor aside from Alize, (wuddup Tupac! lol) and this EXTREMELY rough scotch we got from Dante’s grandpa’s closet months later. (It was like a 20 year old scotch, wish I could sip and enjoy it now, yeesh) So, the cig’s hung round. As you know from my first story, I was buying them with my brother, (which was when I was with my pop’s) and now I was smoking them when I was with Dante, (whom I hung out with when I was at my mom’s) funny how these circles work isn’t it? This went on for years, and years, and years.


Sadly, Dante and I fell out over some bullshit, money, and pride garbage, and I kept smoking them cig’s for another ten years. Sure it was on and off, longer on than off, but I wish I had never but that black tar in my lungs to this day, hence why I don’t smoke anymore.


Me and weed are off too. It’s been over two months now, maybe close to three since I’ve hit the buddah, and liquor, well, I flirted with chuck & duckin’ that shit out the window as well, but, I’m not quite ready for that one yet. It feels like it’s getting closer though. Who knows eh?

And that's the story of my firsts :)

Thanks for reading guys,

have a real strong day.





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Taken on March 20, 2009