Project: Lightroom Reprocess
Project: Lightroom Reprocess

This is a project that I just thought of recently. I have hundreds of photos that I have simply downloaded from my memory cards and didn't really bother giving it a real thought during post processing.

With the introduction of Lightroom, image management has never been this facile. Then comes Lightroom 2 which pushed most of the post processing usually done Photoshop nearly to the point of irrelevance or redundancy.

With such tool in my hand, I would like to believe that I know better now. That I would certainly be able to give the photo the justice it deserved. That I would be able to recreate the idea behind the composition during the time my camera froze time and captured the light. I would like people to see what I saw in my mind's eye. Not what a bunch of sensors from my camera processed and recorded. All without resorting to Photoshop.

I hope you will indulge me in this little initiative that I have. Thank you!

Note: All post processing is of course done in Adobe Lightroom 2.3 unless otherwise specified.
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