Sport Utility Bicycle

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Yeah it's heavy, but it rides pretty good. The only problem I'm having is that the basket has quite a bit of flex in it, which is a little unsettling going around bumpy turns. I may have to work out some cross bracing. I wonder if they will let me take it into the supermarket.

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  1. kd1s ages ago | reply

    Nice bike! I think if you cross braced the carriage you'd never be able to get anyhing into it. You might want to just brace the bottom with some rigid steel tubing.

  2. maxtheheathen ages ago | reply

    I absolutely love that you fished the cart out of a flood control channel.

  3. sudarkoff ages ago | reply

    It just asks for a third wheel.

  4. TheThompsonFive ages ago | reply

    kd1s The bottom is nice and stiff the way it is. The motion comes from the top up by the handle. Consider how these carriages are made to nestle together, the rear panel is just hanging there. I could simply weld the back into place and be done with it, but I was hoping to leave it free so I can carry objects longer than the basket by sliding them in the back. What I may do is cross brace the back with a couple of those nylon cargo straps, which I would want to have on hand anyway. That way I can just remove them when they get in the way.

  5. TheThompsonFive ages ago | reply

    Max That's my favorite spot to go shopping. I got my chopper from the same spot. A week earlier the water was actually coming over that wall.

  6. TheThompsonFive ages ago | reply

    Sudarkoff You may be right, but the third wheel I'm thinking of will go in the front.

  7. James Fryer ages ago | reply

    nice, built-in baby seat.

  8. Fujur ages ago | reply

    Great DIY!

  9. TheThompsonFive ages ago | reply

    My first photo to get over a thousand hits, woo hoo!

  10. sweavo ages ago | reply

    you just need to put a kid in the seat at the back who can brace on turns with his/her legs...

  11. TheThompsonFive ages ago | reply

    Hmmm... Good thinking. I've already got a bunch of kids, so nothing to buy.

  12. soulboating ages ago | reply

    Sweet! I love the use of the shopping cart. Shopping carts go a long way when it comes to ..kinda free materials. If only we had a plethera of em to work with and reconfigure at the worldbike shack in Kenya. Cheerz :)

  13. TheThompsonFive ages ago | reply

    Wow thanks Soulboating! I checked out your stream, that's really cool stuff you're doing.

  14. Teewacket ages ago | reply

    Re-cycling! Gotta love that! I have a monster basket on the back of my bicycle. Sure, it's heavy, but I can carry a month of groceries home on my bike. Many kudos to your ingenuity and reuse of "one man's trash". :)

  15. kd1s ages ago | reply

    Consider a latching lid for it then.

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