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Mask politics | by theslowlane
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Mask politics

Now even to wear a mask, or not, has become political. I'm for wearing a mask, in public, to protect others in case I were to have the virus.


Admittedly, I've forgotten my mask a few times. I also don't wear it just to be outside. If I am a good distance from people; like on my bike, it doesn't seem necessary and it can impede breathing a bit; like during hill climbs.


When I bike, I'm not in a group of cyclists. Sometimes I do hold my breath, briefly, if encountering another person on the road, trail or whatever.


When I am outside, I'm usually not going to a destination, such as a store. Wearing it in a store is a good idea.


My guess is, some of the politics comes from people who have been turned away from a place when they didn't have a mask. I've never had that problem. All stores I have been to are mixed, customers with and without masks. I think very few stores, in this area, require them.


I read in the news that Costco will require them. I've never set foot in Costco mainly because I think one needs to be a member anyway. The places I've shopped at are very uncrowded, but I do wear a mask, these days; unless I forget.


Some people might see the mask as symbolic of the epidemic. Seeing folks with a mask is a reminder that these are different times. This might lead to misplaced anger.


A friend has made a mask for me. One can buy one, but it's nice to also be part of the caring, sharing economy.


Bicycling along one day, I found a mask alongside the road. It didn't look like anyone was around that might claim it so I carefully picked it up and then washed my hands. Then I washed the mask. Now I have a spare.

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Taken on January 1, 1980